Date: 5 months ago   Category: Sport

Dmitry Bilonog: Adaptation has taken place in Olympique quickly

The newcomer of Olympique Dmitry Bilonog has told about the course of mini-gathering of Donetsk residents in Kharkiv, preparation for a match with Mariupol and the successful adaptation in new collective.

- You have begun straight away - in a debut match as a part of Olympique it was noted by a goal. It is possible to tell that adapted in collective, new to himself?

- Yes, everything is already normal. Adaptation has taken place quickly, knew some children earlier. In Shakhtar it was crossed with Vakulenko and Koltsov, I knew Degtyarev a little. And in general, good collective therefore everything has quickly passed.

- As has appeared option with rent in Olympique?

- As far as I know, the head coach has been interested in me. We have talked and have made such decision.

- already you understand Roman Sanzhar's Requirements?

- Yes, we talk every day at trainings. I understand that the trainer wants from the football player who has to play my position. Roman Nikolaevich wants to see from the attacking football players of opening for backs to defenders, обыгрыш one in one, sharp game in the attack.

- In Zirka you have scored six goals during the season. It is ready to repeat this result in the current championship?

- I seek to hammer more, it is real. I will work to hammer in each match.

- the Lot has presented to Olympique a meeting just from Zirkaya. What will mean this match for you?

- Nothing of that kind, is an ordinary bowl game. I have a little smiled when has known the result of draw. Of course, it will be pleasant to leave in the field of stadium in Kropivnitsky again.

- the Pause in the championship has filled Olympique with collecting in Kharkiv. Whether it is possible to compare this work with flying training?

- Is similar, but not on hundred percent. After all the main collecting has already taken place, here we solve other problems. Of course, loading is slightly higher, than in a week cycle, but not so that there was delayed onset muscle soreness as happens in the summer or in the winter. We work on tactics, on elimination of those moments more in a game with which the coaching staff in the previous matches was dissatisfied.

- Ahead a match with Mariupol. This opposition with the direct competitor in fight for hit in top-6?

- As our head coach speaks, now everyone can beat everyone. I won't tell that it is the direct competitor, still so far only the beginning of the championship, but a game, without doubts, will be extremely important.

- As children call you in the field?

- White, as well as in my previous teams. I know that to me Stanislav Belenky who was called White too played here, but personally with him it didn't happen to be crossed.

- Whose game imposes you?

- As well as many others - on Cristiano Ronaldo. Though I very much like the same Eden Hazard. Many good football players are which act on my position.

- You can close several positions at once. Where do you feel most comfortably?

- I Can play as on any of flanks, and the center forward. Several times I played under the forward.



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