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Director of NASA about the project Artemis: "We do it as never earlier"

The director of NASA Jim Bridenstayn is now a public figure of recently called lunar initiative of the Artemis agency which purpose is to bring the first woman to the surface of the Moon by 2024. He reported that NASA wants to receive additional 1.6 billion dollars the next year to accelerate the project.

of U NASA is already the general plan of how this initiative will be formed, but now Bridenstine is faced by a grandiose task - to provide means for start of the ambitious project. The agency plans to build the space station?? under the name Gateway in an orbit around the Moon which will serve as an outpost for astronauts. NASA also develops a rocket under the name SLS and the crew capsule under the name "Orion" which together will bring astronauts to this new lunar station. From there people will go by the landing boat on the surface of the Moon. The Informant of Tech reports about it, referring to The Verge. Below we provide to

the edited Jim Bridenstayn's interview with Lauren Grush from The Verge.

Lauren Grush: One thing which many people noticed is that inquiry on the budget quite low. These are definitely not 8 billion dollars as some people thought, and it is also not enough if to compare the program to Appolon in the 60-70th years. What will you tell those who consider that it is insufficiently high?

Jim Bridenstayn: We have to remember that we already have SLS, Orion and the European Service Module. These are three most important components for delivery of people to the Moon, and we are on the verge of readiness for start. But we still need to develop a lock and the systems of landing.

So as you correctly defined, will be the first year rather difficult and "gray". We address the commercial industry to share the thoughts of how it will be best of all to pass to the surface of the Moon. In fact, we buy service. The commercial industry is going to provide to the American astronauts service in transition to the surface of the Moon.

We look for our industry partners to make own investments. We expect that they will invest in it with the purpose to attract clients who are not NASA. We look for our partners to invest the money.

1 billion dollars, is a powerful start to begin development at once of key positions. And then we will look for additional resources in 2021.

Lauren Grush: Eddie's representatives Bernice Johnson (D-TX) and Kendra Horn (D-OK) already expressed the early fears about it, and both of them spoke about the concern on the fact that in the next years the state will not select the full budget for the program. So why not to open the full five-year budget now?

Jim Bridenstayn: Well, we do it as never earlier. Besides, we ask to invest the industry in it, and we want to look at their ideas before making more important decisions. There are offers which demand only two elements to pass to the surface of the Moon and зат



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