Date: 4 months ago   Category: Health

Dietary apple pie for those who keep a figure!

B/Zh/U - 5.48/0.54/15.35


of 80 g of oat flakes (or oatmeal)

of 80 g of the whole-wheat

wheat flour of 80 g of the
skim cheese
3 teaspoons of
2 of
egg white
of 470 g of apples (about 5 small apples)

a stevia to taste
of 1 tsp of
baking powder
Preparation: Porridge to process

in flour (or to buy ready oatmeal), to add whole-wheat wheat flour, cottage cheese, a stevia, baking powder, egg whites to oatmeal. To knead dough - it turns out soft and elastic, it shouldn't stick to hands. To roll dough by the size of a form in which you will bake. To lay out dough in a form and bake 20 minutes at a temperature of 180 degrees.

For a stuffing: to small cut apples, to fill in with water, to add a stevia and you cook on slow fire until apples become soft. Further add agar-agar, stir and you cook 2-3 minutes. Then pour out apple mix in a form with a cake layer and remove in the refrigerator at several o'clock.



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