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Did you at least think over what do gelatinous candies of?


Raise a hand if you adore jelly bears or worms (and other any forms of jelly candies).

of Candy from jelly, perhaps, are one of the most popular, especially if you were tired of chocolate, and there is a wish for something sweet, TipHero writes.

Oh, this sweet taste: watermelon, peach, cherry, apple, tutti-frutt, Coca-Cola... What variety!

Well, it was until we learned how actually create these sticky sweets. It can frighten off many fans of jelly bears. Preparation process, actually, quite disturbing.

First, let's begin with bases. You, probably, know that candies from jelly generally consist of gelatin, as gives them such texture. But all know that this substance is taken from quite unexpected source: skin and bones of an animal.

Yes, that is why your vegetarian friends refuse when you treat them with jelly worms.

Literally, an animal perishes, and then it is turned literally into candies. If now you and on meter do not approach them - we will understand you.

Well, perhaps, is required to others something more convincing. And thanks to the Belgian film director Alina Knipkens, at us is than to convince you.

Recently it created quite disturbing video in which it is in detail told about process of preparation of our darlings (well, maybe, not really?) sticky candies.

of Video, the received name "Gelatin", it is made upside-down - everything is started from sweet and bright candy anew, and comes to an end with the terrifying process!

It only one video in a series of videos "Knidkens" which she calls "Over Eten" which is translated as "Food". It released several shocking videos in the same style which explain how certain products are made.

is everything There: sugar, black pudding, lamb cutlets, cakes and mozzarella...

But we will return to the considered problem: jelly candies. The movie which she created in detail tells about the terrifying truth of creation of candies. It comes to an end with one charming animal - you can guess what of them?

We warn: you are waited by quite gloomy scenes.

What you think of it? Whether you knew that jelly candies are produced in such disturbing way?

of Christina Zvarych.




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