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Did passports and didn't disappear: Belarus has told about mercenaries of PMC & #039; & #039; Вагнер' & #039;

Belarusians from the private military campaign "Wagner" freely come home and receive new passports.

according to Belsat, they don't disappear from law enforcement authorities. Moreover, in PMC the whole family contracts work. In particular, it is about 42-year-old Vladimir Kurinenko who according to the SSU is a commander of the 1st platoon of the 3rd prospecting and assault company.

Is noted that in his social networks there are no pictures from war, but the man is signed on numerous thematic publics about Syria and Donbass. He in friends in VKontakte which is forbidden in Ukraine has three "vagnerovets" from the Russian Federation.

the Daughter Kurinenko Yanina from Minsk has added journalists to "black list" when they tried to communicate. And the aunt of the mercenary Raisa from Moscow has said that she doesn't know what to trust to, her relative doesn't contact. Besides, in the ranks of Wagner the native nephew of the Belarusian - Edward Davydov consists.

In the edition is noted that nobody knows, than Kurinenko was engaged. Also nobody heard about his participation in military operations in Syria. But about Davydov such talk goes. According to sources, he has joined PMC Wagner in April, 2015 under a call sign "Hussar".

"From law enforcement authorities Davydov doesn't hide. In February, 2016 he has received in Ivanovo the new passport (that is, in the status of the fighter of PMC Vagnera). Nobody has opened for the correspondent in Davydov-Kurinenko's apartment. Mother in militia - the son on Donbass and in Syria", - it is told in the message.

Besides, have issued the new Belarusian passport in October, 2016 to Alexander Stupnitsky who at that time has already done some fighting both on Donbass, and in Syria, has got fighting wound and the state award of the Russian Federation.

"on March 2, 2016 Stupnitsky was wounded in Syria, near Palmyra. Later together with fighters of PMC Vagnera - citizens of Russia the Belarusian has received "A courage award" with a formulation "for participation in quick and prospecting and special events near Palmyra", - have reported in the edition. there is practically no

About his life to Donbass data in free access. Stupnitsky's mother works in local department of Department of protection of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. And Alexander, according to neighbors, allegedly worked in protection.

Presumably, it has got on training base of Wagner in Krasnodar Krai in 2014, from there has gone to "business trip" to Donbass where has met future wife Anastasia. They after had had a child, and the married couple lived in Orsha. However after the SSU has published the report on PMC, Stupnitsky' family was suddenly gone. Relatives and acquaintances claim that they have gone to wander across Russia, and some claim that they have a rest in the Crimea.

"In the same time of Stupnitskiye leave Belarus after nearly three years of life in Orsha. Anastasia posts a photo with a geolakation in the Crimea, her photos from Donetsk appear later. Alexander isn't in new pictures", - it is said in investigation.

One more mercenary of Wagner - Ruslan Babinin, in 2003 appeared in a story of propaganda channel "Russia 1" as б



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