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Deutsche Bank threatens to stop business relations with the Government of the Russian Federation - Bloomberg

Deutsche Bank (Deutsche Bank) has sent the letter with the requirement to Russia to provide more information, connected with need to follow the rule "know the client", Bloomberg reports on August 23.

In the letter of bankers of June 27 is noted that the London division of bank will stop business contacts if Russia doesn't provide documents within 30 days. This term has expired, Russia hasn't responded to the letter, and the German bank hasn't taken actions for the inquiry yet.

of Deutsche Bank carries out revision of those tools on which the Government of the Russian Federation works with representative office of bank in London.

of the Letter have sent within the general initiative of bank of improvement of client documentation. In total 20 thousand similar letters have been sent.

the International regulatory institutions criticized Deutsche Bank for incomplete documentation in relation to clients earlier. Last year Great Britain and the USA have fined bank for failures to meet requirements of transparency.

Then in Department of financial services of New York have said that this circumstance could help wealthy Russians to bring 10 billion dollars out of the country, using methods which, perhaps, promoted washing of means. One of new managers of Deutsche Bank of Fran Kunke has changed

procedures of obtaining bank documentation. For such business methods which sometimes include threats to stop business relations in bank he is called "Frank on the tank".



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