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Deutsche Bank is summoned to the U. S. Congress on the case of Trump's finance

Democrat congressmen investigate possible use of a financial system of the USA for rendering influence on political processes. "The friendly agenda" is sent to Deutsche Bank, The New York Times reports. At once two committees Houses of Representatives Kongressa SSHA sent to

the agenda of Deutsche Bank and to some other credit institutions within legal investigation of finance of the U.S. President Donald Trump. The Chairman of the Committee for investigation - the democrat Adam Schiff said that investigation is connected with "charges concerning potential foreign impact on political process in the USA", the The New York Times newspaper (NYT) on Monday, April 15 reported. Specifically it is about suspicions that foreign subjects, including Russia, could have an impact on Trump, members of his family or assistants.

Schiff noted that the agenda sent to Deutsche Bank is "friendly" as he expects that this bank will and cooperate with committees of the Congress from now on. In return Deutsche Bank emphasized that it is committed to "productive dialogue". In addition the largest German private bank, the agenda are sent also to Citigroup, JPMorgan Chase & Co and Bank of America Corp.

the Chairman of the Committee on finance of the House of Representatives Maxine Waters specified that "potential use of the American financial system in the illegal purposes causes very serious concern". She told that its committee, among other, checks whether possible violations have relation to Trump.

Debt obligations before Deutsche Bank
according to Adam Schiff, in particular, interests congressmen whether Russia used the laundered money for transaction with the main company of Donald Trump The Trump Organization which controls such spheres of business of the president as the real estate, hotels, golf clubs, etc. Trump's firms for many years received benefit from the Russian investments, NYT notes.

Concerning Deutsche Bank became clear that Trump has debt obligations before Deutsche Bank Trust Company Americas a minimum of 130 million dollars. These obligations concern the real estate, including Trump International Hotel in Washington.

the Son of the U.S. President and the executive vice president of The Trump Organization Eric Trump called the agenda issued by the Congress "unprecedented abuse of powers of authority and the next attempt of democrat congressmen to attack the president and his family in political goals". ______________


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