Date: 9 months ago   Category: Economy

Deutsche Bank can break off the relations with the Russian Federation

The London division of Deutsche Bank has warned the Russian government about a possible rupture of the relations. the London division of bank has sent

at the beginning of June to the Russian government the letter in which it has reported that it analyzes the provided services and documents within process of Know your customer (KYC).

This procedure includes identification of the client and obtaining data on him for fight against financing of terrorism and money laundering.

In the message is noted that the bank has to update information on clients from time to time and can demand additional data.

"Impossibility to obtain the freshest information from your firm can demand from us to stop our business relations", - it is said in the letter.

Bank, in particular, has asked the Russian authorities to contact him. If the answer doesn't arrive within a month, the credit institution can direct the notice of plans to break off business relations.

In the Ministry of Finance of a receipt of the letter have confirmed, but details have refused to provide. The representative of department has noted that from other banks similar inquiries didn't come.

As were told to the edition by two officials of the financial and economic block, the government didn't begin to direct the reply of Deutsche Bank and didn't receive further notices from the organization.

according to one of officials, in the government don't know what information is demanded by bank. The representative of credit institution has said that "regular formal checks of all partners are a standard measure within the KYC procedures worldwide".

In the letter isn't told what operations of Deutsche Bank performs with the Russian government. The bank and the Ministry of Finance haven't answered an appropriate question.



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