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Deserts a sinking ship: Revva leaves Comedy Club which is "lined" with Kharlamov

Today's benefit performance of Alexander will put end under his 13 years' stay in "Club" as Artur Pirozhkov hardly wants that participation in "humour for degradant" deprived of it audience.

Recently Revva called Comedy Club a home, and to leave so special place without having said goodbye, as we know, it is not accepted. Today on air of TNT the self-proclaimed most beautiful person in the world will return on the stage of "Club" with a benefit performance, it is quite probable that last time.

Upon, Alexander Revva lost the status of the resident of Comedy Club in 2013. At the height of criticism of a comic show for jokes belts, lack of the original ideas and worthy actors are lower, Artur Pirozhkov stepped from the sinking ship, having begun to look for happiness in cinema and music.

After 6 years, it is possible to say with confidence that Revva's decision though is temporary, but nevertheless to give up Comedy Club it was true. Russian and not only the viewer with a bang apprehended both parts of the comedy of Alexander about the grandmother of easy virtue, and musical charts are filled with Pirozhkov's hits. There is no need to return to native "Club" not that, and simply is once.

Now Revva in addition loaded himself with tours with Mikhail Galustyan, and Artur is waited by the first "adult" concert tour. As a result, audience of Comedy Club lost the last hopes for Alexander's appearance in air of TNT.

If Revva's heart misses a bit, and he will not leave "Club" after the benefit performance, his career risks to get derailed, and is quite prompt. Earlier the viewer quietly spoke about old problems of Comedy, now nearly the whole country loudly shouts of it. To watch how 38-year-old Garik Kharlamov jokes 13 years in a row about genitals and other obscenities, trying to be in a trend at youth, for many it is already simply intolerable. The viewer turns away from "Club", and worthy actors avoid Comedy. What here to tell if to save the rating of a leader of TNT now call such "comedians" as Olga Buzova and Anastasia Volochkova with Nikita Dzhigurda.

Certainly, participation in similar threatens to Revva loss of fans, and Alexander, probably, unlike the same Kharlamov, understood this 6 years ago therefore now his reputation as humorist, it is crystal-clear.

By the way, we mean crisis of almost each resident of Comedy by comic degradation of Garik of "Bulldog". Just Kharlamov as the leader of "Club" without Revva, Martirosyan and other "elders", bears direct responsibility for a project course to the viewer.



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