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Denmark will move "undesirable" migrants on the remote island

There to them and place! So Danes consider. Agree?

of Criminals, sentenced to deportation from Denmark, will send to the island of Lindcholm about 7 hectares in five kilometers from the coast now. Earlier there supported the infected animals, CNN writes.

the Minister of immigration of Denmark Inger Stoyberg said that to foreign criminals not the place in Denmark, and soon "they will feel it".

"If do not wait for you in the Danish society, do not create problems for Danes. Migrants will receive the new residence".

Such decision became result of a compromise between the government of the country and the anti-immigration Danish People's Party in a question of the budget of the country for 2019. The representative of immigration service of Denmark Martin Henriksen said:

"We hope that people will understand: Denmark is not a really attractive shelter for refugees who plan to do harm to someone or to commit a crime".

On Lindholm intend to support seekers of a shelter whose applications were rejected and condemned for crimes and also the foreign citizens who do not have permission to stay, but which cannot be deported for the legal reasons.

"Will be police, security guards and cameras for detention there if suddenly there are disorders. They have to remain on the island as long as possible, we will do everything possible for this purpose, - Henriksen says. We do to

what, according to us, will protect the interests of Danes. First of all we will protect our citizens. Of course, the government of Denmark has to work within conventions.

I Hope, it will inspire other countries to make the same. If any councils are necessary for them, they can always contact us. We would like that also other countries toughened the rules. It not only in our interests".

the Minister of Finance Christian Jensen says that the new center of deportation - not the prison, will not be prisoners there, all inhabitants of the island will be able freely to move, it will be allowed to them to go on the continent. However by the end of day they will be obliged to come back to the center.

"To us needs to be known where they are. Some of them are criminals, the government has to be aware of their location".

Denmark is the island state. Many Danes live on islands. None of them consider it violation of the rights".

of Refugees such decision of the Danish authorities extremely revolted. 33-year-old Mohamad Hamid, the refugee from Syria, the native of Palestine, arrived to Denmark with two small children and has the residence permit. Here what he tells about it:

"I arrived to Denmark, hoping that children will have the better life. I see how they take part in life of society. It seemed to me, society accepted them. But it not so, and me from it is sick".

according to him, such step is "deeply racist". Let's remind, the public has no access to Lindholm which was used for a research of viruses, such as mad cow disease and plague of pigs.

From now on to refugees at



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