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Decline of a star of Russian "Terminator": China breathes down the neck

Not so long ago Russian media with genuine euphoria told about, not having analogs in the world, the fighting vehicle of fire support (BMPT) "Terminator-2" going to the consumer more than 16 years.

Nevertheless, a disputable and problem product not only have managed to send to Syria to, allegedly, tests in combat conditions which haven't lasted also month, and also to offer a number of regular customers of the Russian military industrial complex, in particular, to Algeria and Azerbaijan.

However the star of "Terminator", it seems, needed to shine so brightly not for long, and her fast attenuation will be helped, it seems, by the Chinese bratushka.

So, in a week in China starts aerospace salon in Chzhukhaye (Zhuhai Airshow 2018) and there very interesting copy from "Pauly Tekhnolodzhis", namely, the Chinese BMPT on the chassis of the average Type-59 tank (WZ-120) which is the copy of the Soviet T-54 was already lit.

But shouldn't focus attention on the outdated chassis so far, and we will focus on the fighting module of this BMPT. Thanking him the old chassis receives on arms not only the 30-mm automatic gun, a 7,62-mm machine gun and a grenade launcher, but also 20 NURS from 4 ATGM, allegedly the third generation, allegedly Chinese analogs of FGM-148 Javelin. there is no

of Big details about this BMPT in open access yet. But also from available it is possible to draw a conclusion - to Russian "Terminator" to nesdobrovat. And that is why.

Of course, telling "to nesdobrovat" I mean not direct collision of two cars in the battlefield, the base for their duel will be - the market. And, as we know, China fights for the market extremely persistently and without rules. I repeatedly paid attention to how the Chinese media, as if on command, begin information terror against these or those Russian types of arms which can compete of production of People's Republic of China Military Industrial Complex.

For example, in 2015 media of the People's Republic of China have carried out the large-scale information attack to T-14 "Armata", in advance stamping the perspective competitor of the VT-4. In 2016 under a sight of the Chinese journalists the Russian fighters of almost fifth generation PAK PHA of T-50, nowadays SU-57 have got also to protect the interests of the child of Chengdu J-20.

last year the largest Chinese information IFENG resource which is a part of "Phoenix Satellite Television Holdings" has badgered the Russian SAU 2S35-1 on the wheel chassis a formula 6х6, obviously affecting anticipation for the good of the wheel howitzers SH-1.

I about what tells all this? And says it that it is necessary to expect soon organized persecution of BMPT "Terminator-2" which is a direct competitor of the Chinese BMPT.

Of course, even despite an essential difference in arms, many can remain supporters of the Russian BMPT, because of use of more modern chassis and the powerful engine. However and here not everything is so simple.

The matter is that Chinese haven't for nothing shown the BMPT on the chassis, in fact, of T-54. Though to this tank already more half a century, it all the same is adopted more than 40 countries of the world including Alzhi



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