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DayZ has reached "beta" and wants to leave in release during the 2018th

DayZ has reached "beta" and wants to leave in release during the 2018th
DayZ - one of the key games which have engendered fashion for "vyzhivach" at the end of the 2013th. Five years later the trend was replaced: now the companies try to keep up with royal fights. And what DayZ? Well, she still develops and has even reached a beta!

In community Steam developers declared that the main branch of DayZ works at version 0.63 now. That you understood scales: Bohemia repeatedly said that DayZ will enter a condition of "beta" when 0.63 starts. And about 0.63 authors told for long months: we wrote about this update in May the 2017th. 0.63 developers distinguish to

the following From the main advantages:

• Large changes in a cursor.

• Improvements of game productivity and network code.

• Introduction of system with construction of base.

• Considerable improvements in transport.

• More complex AI for infected and animals.

• Large changes in the game card - Chernarus became more perfectly and more in details.

• An opportunity to start own servers.

• Support of modfikation.

Besides, Bohemia declared that any more in DayZ also content isn't going to add new features until a game grows to version 1.0. The studio will focus on elimination of bugs and search of balance in those elements which are at 0.63 and on an experimental branch of DayZ.

of Bohemia believes that it will be able to finish "выживач" before final assembly 1.0 2018. The team of a game has counted 600 corrections which are especially important in order that DayZ worked as thinks. The number is actually not really big: apparently, authors plan to be quit with these mistakes approximately in a month. at the same time DayZ have

also other problems, but the studio doesn't consider them priority. After release 1.0 evolution of a game will continue therefore the public still can see elements which Bohemia promised earlier, but which won't appear in the final version. As developers speak if to try to push into DayZ in general everything that was in passing mentioned in conversations with community, the project won't get out of early access even in the 2019th.

according to the leading producer Eugen Harton, works on DayZ 86 people now (!). Within the next year the team of a game won't decrease, so, development shouldn't be slowed down. we Will note

that DayZ doesn't sink in beams of the user love in Steam: at a game of 42% of positive reviews for the last 30 days and 61% - during all the time. In December assessment was slightly higher than the 2017th - 63%.



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