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Day of X for "evroblyakher": Draconian laws began to work

The government stepped on a throat to owners of cars on euronumbers an iron boot, and is not going to weaken the impact. the Blogger Bogdan Chukhlib told

on the page on Facebook what to wait from new laws which will come into force from 00:00 o'clock <> of
for the Author notes that actually one behind one there are numerous laws which only complicate position of owners of cars on the European reestaration. Despite numerous All-Ukrainian meetings of representatives of Avtoyevrosili, life it becomes easier not.

"Are published texts of the laws changing norms of import of vehicles on foreign registration today. They come into force from 00:00 hours 25.11.2018", - the blogger writes.

According to new norms on the customs territory of Ukraine can import the vehicles registered on nonresidents (including cars for private use).

Citizens of Ukraine have the right to temporarily import the vehicle registered outside Ukraine for a period of up to one year and on condition of payment of all necessary customs payments. At the same time, customs payments do not return.

In turn nonresident citizens have the right to move vehicles which are registered outside Ukraine in the transit mode on condition of payment of monetary pledge at a rate of all necessary customs payments.

When importing the car which was in use confirmation of compliance to environmental standards of EURO 5 is not necessary.

Therefore if residents plan to carry out crossing of customs border of Ukraine on the car with foreign registration and to return after 00:00, then customs payment or monetary pledge is an indispensable condition.

At the same time should noting that the movement of owners of cars on the European numbers will minimize the protest actions directed against new rules of a customs clearance.

In particular, he noted that he the movement won a certain victory, the new law nevertheless was signed which brings some preferential terms.

Moreover the head of the movement announced future actions of activists. In particular, he noted that now the country has to unite to bring the new president who will change a corruption system to power.



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