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Dawn - Leipzig: when anybody's is a small victory sorts a match of the playoffs of qualification of the Europa League the Dawn - RB Leipzig.

If before Zareh's match have told that a game with RB Leipzig will come to the end in a draw, probably, very few people were upset. And if to consider how there was this match, so even less so. After a final whistle in the head, except notorious "men", climbed the most different epithets - from "gladiators" to "lions".

the Dawn has once again proved that it is able to suffer when everything develops against her. Perhaps, Yury Verniduba's team - an embodiment of the Ukrainian soccer.

Coaching staff has actually trained the wards, they as well as possible are able to make installation on a match, are ready to go all out to get the necessary result. And in a different way it is impossible in any way when the rival surpasses you in skill.

the Reference point became the 16th minute of a game. At stadium the silence has set in. Perhaps, from small shock and misunderstanding of the events. From a position of the apartment or pub everything looked even more strange - Lednev goes to a locker room, doing up hair, and the director by means of credits has reported about a red card for Bogdan. Yury Vernidub on emotions shouts some obscenities in a trace to the young football player. And only in a few minutes TV men have found a shot as Lednev, lying on a lawn, "otbryknutsya" from the rival - a direct red card. Actually before this Marcelo Sarachchi has stepped to the Ukrainian on an ankle, but it doesn't acquit the young playmaker in any way.

"I have all the same shaken hands with Bogdan, have supported him because you didn't see, and I saw him in a break - he has tears in the eyes, experiences.

Good fellows and children who have told that it still young, will be to him a lesson. Their words: "We for him will defend". What they have also made. Therefore, Bogdan has a debt before team, in a next game to leave and score a goal, to bring a victory", - Vernidub after a match will tell.

Lednev's Act - the main event of a match which has broken plans of one team and facilitated life another. The dawn was closed on the half of the field, occasionally running out in counterattacks. However, dagger attacks at Lugansk residents not especially turned out in this match. Yury Verniduba's players constantly lacked something - the last pass, several centimeters, mutual understanding or ability to beat one in one. The dawn has made 23 attempts of the fast attacks from which has only one come to the end with blow. Lugansk residents could count

In a similar situation on the scored goal from standards. However there were not so many these provisions - one angular, two-three dangerous penalty kicks.

the Dawn has cool barricaded on the half of the field and didn't allow to breathe the star football player of Leipzig - Verner, Broom, and then and Forsberg with Poulsen fought about a wall from football players of Lugansk residents, fairly being nervous.

Nevertheless one devotion wasn't here. The statistics of single combats shows that Leipzig, at least hasn't lost fight, and on some indicators and has won. So without car of the fart nothing would be. How many times for a game we nervously I screamed



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