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Dasha Astafyeva admitted how many to her have paid for naked photos in the magazine

The 33-year-old famous Ukrainian performer Dasha Astafyeva who started the career in the popular magazine Playboy, admitted what royalties she received for frank pictures.

the Soloist of band of "Nikita" Dasha Astafyeva became the guest of the entertaining show "Glory" which comes to YouTube channel Luxury of FM. So, on air of the program the singer has opened the heart about the past.

according to a celebrity, she has received good money for that time for the first cover of the magazine which she has decorated in Ukraine: "Have paid me 200 dollars for her. In 2007 on this money it was possible to live still somehow".

Besides, the performer has shared reminiscence about her second cover of Playboy which she already removed in America. Strangely enough, abroad paid much more for candid photos of Astafyeva.

"In America I have received 55 thousand dollars. For me, of course, for that time it was a fantastic sum", - the star has noted.

Dasha Astafyeva on a cover of Playboy

However, according to the singer, now money are not the main thing: Now I understand that 55 thousand are nothing, after comparison with how has changed Playboy my life and what tests have appeared in my life after him".

Astafyeva considers that the girl who acted in Playboy is a brand. However, the celebrity was lucky more, than I am personally familiar to the rest because it was with the person legend - Hugh Hefner (the founder and the managing director of Playboy who has died in 2017 on the 92nd year of life). we Will note

that Astafyeva several times visited Hefner's country house therefore she to him has got accustomed at once. Moreover, at one of parties the star shocked the American public, having appeared in a transparent dress, and then having taken off shorts and having thrown out them in crowd, having explained so:

"Hef has given me a compliment: "Wow, Dasha, what beautiful linen! And guess what linen is pleasant to me most of all!". Little girls have begun to make a racket: "Red-cool! Corporal!"... "Clearly, what", - I have laughed and I have pulled together shorts in the face of the amazed photographers. "It is correct - I love naked girls!" - Hef applauded".

Dasha Astafyeva and Hugh Hefner



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