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Dana Borisova's daughter has told about horror which she has experienced with mother addict

The TV host Dana Borisova became the heroine of the program of Boris Korchevnikov "The fate of the person" on Russia 1 TV channel. The star has told about career take-off and falling.

has started a Journalistic career of Borisov in Norilsk. Still the teenager she worked as the leader at local television. The star has graduated from school with a silver medal and in 1993 has arrived on faculty of journalism of Lomonosov Moscow State University.

At the first year Borisova of fat person of the Army Shop program. Work in this project has presented to Dana the All-Russian popularity and demand in a profession.

However private life of a star wasn't got on, novels came to an end with a failure. Some time she met the singer Danko, however the actor led a double life: he had parallel relations about which the celebrity didn't know. The truth was opened when other beloved of the performer has given birth from him to the child. After a while Borisova has met by

the businessman Maxim Aksenov. The celebrity dreamed of marriage, however the man didn't want to marry.

"In Turkey have got acquainted. Began to meet - young, nice. I have given birth to Polinka - very much I wanted the child, I was 30 years old already. Obsession was, very much wanted the child. But the offer wasn't, support wasn't. I have made him the proposal: Whether "You deem appropriate, I am pregnant with your child!" In reply the offer hasn't followed", - I have told Dan.

the Star hoped that the birth of the baby will influence darling, will make him careful and attentive. However in day of an extract from maternity hospital Maxim has brought her and the daughter home and has left to parents. "He with a parcel has come, in hands has taken and has gone to mother to cutlets", - I have told a celebrity.

of Borisova was necessary to contain itself and the child. Polina's father didn't participate in education of the girl. The TV host has come to work when the daughter was only three months old. The star had to work at night.

Parents of the common-law husband were categorically against their relations. Considers Dan that they are indirectly guilty of their parting. the TV host doesn't understand

why Maxim hasn't helped her at the difficult moment. He knew that his daughter lives with the fallen mother who is almost at the bottom, but has undertaken nothing.

"Alcohol has begun in 34 years. There was a household use though the dependence was already formed. Drugs have joined when I was 38 years old. Two years I was in the use of both that, and it. He knew, saw. Also I don't say that he had to help. But who has to? As a result mother has helped, Andrey Malakhov, Nikita Lushnikov has helped. All have helped. Have brought together by the whole world me and have sent for rehabilitation", - remembers a celebrity.

is very a shame to Borisova Now, she feels huge guilty before the successor, to Polina some time was necessary to live with constantly drunk mother. "I sobered - I earned money, and in free time I thumped. The last two weeks leaving because already I didn't leave the apartment was necessary. Often drunk took away the child from school. At that time I seemed to me that I subbitterns



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