Date: 6 months ago   Category: Incidents

Damned intersection: details of terrible road accident in Zhytomyr with a great number of victims emerged

In Zhytomyr on Saturday, December 8, at the intersection of streets of Mazepa and Dombrovsky the ambulance car and the SUV collided. As a result of road accident seven people suffered, the most severe injuries were got by the driver of Hyundai.

Together with it was in the car his family and the juvenile child, transfers TSN.

On the available information, with the child everything is already good, his state stable. However four adults are in intensive care, all of them came to hospitals serious condition.

On the eve of collision the car of physicians moved with the switched-on flashing indicators, however, according to preliminary data, the SUV did not give way to it.

After blow flew off both cars the track and crashed into a house. "The car of physicians was hooked for a fence and hung on its metal part wheels up. The SUV was stopped only by a wall of the summer kitchen", - it is told in a plot.

"Stood smoked, had coffee. The ambulance from that party - with flashers, with a signal goes. Blow, this jeep flies here. I thought that it will not reach a verandah because usually cars do not reach here - there remain. I see - flies to me! Where to me to run? Hid in a corner there", - the eyewitness of accident Anatoly Kimkin told journalists.

"Here already died three or four persons at this intersection", - the owner of the affected house Vladimir Kimkin added.

As journalists note, for 2018 happened on the above-mentioned place three serous accidents because of what locals call the intersection damned.



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