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Dagger in heart of NATO: Europe is afraid of blitzkrieg from "little green men" of Russia and Belarus

The next joint military initiatives of Moscow and Minsk can drive the adjacent countries of NATO in cold sweat.

began with the Russian Federation delivery of Belarus of the SU-30SM planes, according to the contract, concluded in 2017 Recently. The fighter 4 generations for Armed forces of RB will arrive on arms after receiving the corresponding payments. It was so announced during the international weapon salon passing in Minsk.

of Formality nobody has to be misled - the military doctrine of the Union State provides interaction in the conditions of modern threats therefore a talk on simple purchase and sale, to put it mildly, is inappropriate.

Literally the other day became known also of readiness of Russia to make modernization of some samples of the arms of the Belarusian army which remained in inheritance from the USSR. First of all the attack helicopters MI-24P and transport MI-8MTV will undergo improvement and modernization.

Moreover, the Russian experts are ready to modernize a little outdated T-72 tanks to a class of the Russian T-72B3. Earlier, were remade by efforts of the Belarusian armorers under modern requirements of T-72.

All these present military-industrial initiatives cause sharp concern of the West which understands that in case of need the allied army of the Russian Federation and RB will appear closely to borders with NATO countries. Each joint exercises of the Russian and Belarusian military cause panic not only in the foreign media sphere, but also concern of official representatives and heads of the states.

For example, the president of Lithuania Dalia Grybauskaite was sure that maneuvers of "little green men" can develop into blitzkrieg on the states, adjacent with Belarus, - members of NATO. At the same time, many western analysts continue to prove that the Belarusian army - a component Russian, and together they are "a dagger in heart of alliance".

Therefore, the West should not be under a delusion concerning oil quarrels between Moscow and Minsk - the value of military cooperation remains fundamental concerning two states.



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