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Currency reform of 2019: as life of Ukrainians will change

The new law will come into force on February 7, 2019 of

In June, 2018 the Verkhovna Rada supported the bill "About Currency and Currency Transactions". In general, according to innovations, in 2019 the foreign currency in the country will have smaller control from the state and will become more available to citizens, transfers Hvil.

the New law allows to trade in foreign currency to non-bank financial institutions. Pawnshops, post operators, the credit unions and the non-state pension funds will be able to obtain licenses.

Since February Ukrainians will be able to receive currency in ordinary cash desks of bank at transfer of currency or in case of removal of money from the account. It is known also that banks will be obliged to accept and change the damaged notes.

Important point for citizens: according to the new Law if the purchase sum less than 150 thousand hryvnias, the buyer does not show documentary confirmations from legal entities any more. Thus, there will be a procedure of purchase of currency will be considerably simplified.

One of the main innovations according to the Law, is so the procedure of purchase of currency necessary for the modern person online. The ban will be liquidated, it testifies only to remnants of the Soviet era, the expert - the financial analyst Vitaly Shapran noted.

Before the Law comes into force, the National bank and the Cabinet of Ministers needs to prepare some more additional bills and norms. Earlier we wrote

that Ukraine was captivated by false currency which comes from the countries of the European Union.

Security officers with bankers assure that fake dollars together with euro the whole suitcases from our country take out there where it is not accepted to verify authenticity of notes. And in Ukraine phony notes are often used for bribes.

Experts say that today in a turn to 20% of false banknotes.




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