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Cup FIBA-Europe: At Mavp still there is a chance (VIDEO)


group - STEAUA Romania - 90:64 (19:17, 24:20, 20:16, 27:11)

"Cherkaski of a mavpa": Young (5 12 transfers 4 interceptions), Kolchenko (19), Arnett (2), Chumakov (10 7 selections 3 interceptions), Skapintsev (14 8 selections) - start; Otverchenko (9 6 transfers), Kokli (26 10 selections), Artamonov, Tkachenko (5), Voyevoda.

of Steaua (Bucharest): Vlakhovich (6 4 transfers), Mandake (11 4 transfers), Virna (7 6 selections 4 transfers 3 interceptions), Dzhurich (16 5 selections), Spencer (9 7 selections 4 blocked shots) - start; Luchich (9 4 transfers), Negroitesku <(6).br>
of the Judge: Vitkauskas (Lithuania), Chasanoff (Azerbaijan), Praksh (Hungary).

on October 31. Cherkasy. DS "Builder". 800 viewers. two minutes of playing time were enough

unambiguously to be convinced: the rival has come to visit - not super-puper. Especially, without one of the top scorers to Anta Delasha. Therefore it is necessary to be surprised sincerely how owners of the platform, at abundance of losses at Romanians and a good series of fast counterattacks, after the third quarter had in a stock only 10 points? Whether has bothered the mentor Maxim Michelson and his wards to long in unlimited time for the reason of absolutely ugly actions in defense? And svezhepriobretenny Alan Arnett's discordance with new partners can't excuse here. Here don't like "mavpa" to tear that is called stripped vests in protection - and all here!

Fortunately for them, in time a creative piece of assistance was given by Brandon Young (up to the trauma got in the middle of the final period), and the necessary throws Chris Kokli has got. At the same time the sight at the leader of "Styauy" Hot Dzhurich has frankly got off. Respectively, "mavpa" managed to make rapid breakthrough which became decisive.

Aarhus - Pristina - <>
I of V P IO About

1. Aarhus 3 3 0 314-227 6

2. Pristina 3 2 1 263-271 5

3. CHERKASKI MAVPY of 3 1 2 249-262 4

4. Steaua of 3 0 3 211-277 3

4th tour, on November 7: CHERKASKI MAVPY - Pristina, Steaua - Aarhus.


Group Finland - DNIEPER - 84:77 (18:18, 15:12, 26:24, 25:23)

"Kataya": Seppala (0 6 transfers), Mallings (16), Jefferson (10 6 transfers 3 interceptions), Oyala (15 4 selections), Wright (10) - start; Simpson (19 5 transfers), Palmi (11 6 selections of 5 transfers), Herrala, to Perth <(3).br>
Dnieper: Kozhemyakin (18 4 transfers), Zakurdayev (12 6 selections), Revzin (16 6 selections 4 transfers 4 interceptions), Timofeenko (7), Kushnirov (2 7 selections) - start; Shundel (9 7 selections), Prokopenko (5), Sizov (8), Bondarchuk.

of the Judge: Uyekhendrik (Estonia), Attard (Italy), Konstantinovs (Latvia).

on October 31. Yoyensu. "Lakhitapiola Arena". 1300 viewers.

as a part of Dnieper continues to be absent Alexander Mishula, and it affects play of the team. Even in spite of the fact that Andrey Kozhemyakin copes with a role of "the first number", in general, adequately. Here and in this duel him заряженност



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