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Cross-country race: The schedule of the final of the Championship and the Championship of Russia in Velyaminovo - on August 17-19

From August 17 to August 19 the final of the Championship of Russia and the Championship of Russia in cross-country race of 2018 and also races-sattelitov - the championship and superiority of MFR will take place.

the Competition will accept the Motor-Velyaminovo Park (The Moscow region, the Istra district, of Velyaminovo).

In busy three-day schedule a performance of the athletes in classes of motorcycles: 50, 65; 85 cm3; 125 cm3 of "Young man"; 125 cm3. "Juniors"; 125 cm3. "Men"; 250 cm3; "Open".

the Preliminary schedule for August 17-19, 2018:

Registration of participants will be carried out on Friday, August 17 from 17:30 till 19:45 o'clock on the venue of competitions of of Velyaminovo (The Moscow region, the Istra district; Motor-Velyaminovo Park).

an admission Order to participation in final arrivals of the 2nd final stage:

are allowed athletes according to results of the 1st final stage To participation in competitions.

the Documents necessary for the admission of the athlete to participation in competitions:

- the Personalized application for participation in competitions;

- the Insurance policy from accident a minimum of 100 000 rub including in the covering occupations motorcycle sport;

- Notarized permission from both parents (the athletes who haven't reached 18 years);

- the Identity document of the athlete (The passport of the Russian Federation; Birth certificate);

- Sports permission to participation in national competitions (license) of MFR of type "A";

- the Record classification book of the athlete;

- the Medical certificate confirming the admission of the doctor.

Contact information of the organizer:

89166820622 - Mindin Sergey. E-mail:

Chairman of the commission of cross-country race of MFR:

Vitalin Vladimir Valentinovich. Ph.: 79851950600; e-mail:

Chairman of Presidium of VKS MFR:

Ivanov Alexey Yuryevich. Ph. 79165404915; e-mail:



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