Date: 3 months ago   Category: Sport

Cross-country race: results of qualification of the Grand Prix of Bulgaria of MXGP/MX2, Sevliyevo

Poll position in Saturday qualifications of the 17th stage of the World Cup in cross-country race have taken Jeffrey Herlings (MXGP) and Thomas Kovington (MX2).

of Herlings has determined the best time to the prime minister class and was in the lead from start to a flag. After him 2-3 Tim Gayzer and Clément Dessalle have passed. Roman Febvre and Antonio Kayroli have closed the five.

Descents at Alessandro Lupino and the admission of three Grand Prix of Max Nagl which only has come back later. we Will remind

that Russian Evgeny Bobryshev doesn't participate in this and following rounds of ChM2018 MXGP. It is necessary to restore a knee which has an effect from a stage on Indonesia. BOS GP plan to return for a track Zhenya and on September 14-15 in Holland.

of B MX2 of Prado, leading in offset, wasn't succeeded to constrain Covington which has broken forward for 4 circles to the finish at a short distance. Prado became the second, замкул the three his workmate in KTM Pauls Joonas, the champion of a class.

Results of qualification of the Grand Prix of Bulgaria MXGP:

Results of qualification of the Grand Prix of Bulgaria MX2:



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