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Cross-country race: Alexander Tonkov - the Champion of Russia about plans for MXGP 2019

This year Alexander Tonkov supporting the MBU SDYUSTSH-KMVL Chelyabinsk team has confirmed a title in the cross-country race Championship of Russia 250 (MX1). I have confirmed, but fight in the final was more intense than usual. In what the reasons and whether there are plans to return in the next season to MXGP, Sasha has told Motorcycle races in an interview to the portal.
Motorcycle races. ру: Sasha, fight between you and Zhenya Mikhaylov in Velyaminovo became decoration of a season-2018 of the Championship of Russia on cross-country race. Having finished the second in the first arrival in Velyaminovo, you have given chance to the rival to win the championship. Or not?

Alexander Tonkov: To win the Championship of Russia without due preparation and without having the training motorcycle - it is, I consider, talent and luck. Therefore, certainly, I am glad! Evgeny is only who could impose though some fight this year that, certainly, is good for our sport. And even let in the first arrival I had technical problems, it was all the same very interesting to fight with the good old friend.

Motorcycle races. ру: On the eve of the final at you I have passed in Velyaminovo a training for children. It is your first training with children in Russia?

Alexander Tonkov: A training not the first and, it is obvious that with them it is necessary to work, teach their modern technique of driving. Practically all make the same mistakes. Therefore we will try to hold more often such events, to raise future Champions! If not we, then who else will make a contribution to development of the Russian motorcycle sport.

Motorcycle races. ру: You have spent several seasons to GP MX2. Do you continue to watch events there? Whom do you support in MXGP?

Alexander Tonkov: Very seldom I watch races, but if such opportunity is given, then, of course, we support our friend Evgeny Bobryshev! It is pleasant to watch his aspiration to a victory, despite all difficulties through which he passes! Very much I respect him for it.

Motorcycle races. ру: Your compelled absence in the World Cup comes to an end. Do you have already some plans for the international series, perhaps, on MXGP World Cup?

Alexander Tonkov: Plans, honestly, no. We will improvise, but be not surprised if you see me in the World Cup next year. For us there is nothing possible.



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