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"Crazy Solaris": Experts told how "to squeeze out" of Hyundai Solaris 280 "horses"

If the motorist does not accept juice technical capabilities of a concrete car, competent SWAP tuning will help to solve a problem.

Specialists in SWAP tuning on the YouTube channel "SWAP is the Point" shared the basic principles and opportunities of modifying of cars on the example of Hyundai Solaris "dispersed" to the power of 280 "horses".

Standard characteristics of two options of "Solaris" do not allow "to clear up" - the sedan is offered with the engines of 1.4 l (100 hp) and 1.6 l (123 hp) working together with 5-staged MKPP, the 4-or 6-staged automatic transmission.

of Hyundai Solaris of 2017 of release, bought by experts in 2018, passed about 25 thousand km, and at it because of multiple zadir the motor which the dealer replaced on a guarantee "died".

the engine of "Solaris" In itself can also quite "undergo" idle time on a design to 200-300 thousand km if to remove far away the catalyst and in general it is trembling to watch a condition of the motor. But with such engine the car goes disgustingly - any pleasure from power and dynamics. It can be replaced with more powerful of "toyotovskiya", for example.

However can be "squeezed out" of Hyundai Solaris 280 "horses" nevertheless, experts assure. It becomes by means of professional "svap" who assumes system re-equipment of a car - not only only replacement of the engine, but also control of transmission and other systems on the pursued purposes.

Quite often should make changes to a design and architecture, for example, to transfer joint stock bank and filters under a cowl, to change a tank from below, and to do a car all-wheel drive. Only this way it is possible to receive "the Crazy Solaris" who will be almost indistinguishable externally from the stock version, but at the same time will be powerful and reliable.



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