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Councils for the choice of the radio tape recorder in the car

Music helps each motorist to relax during the trips, and also to distract from daily occurrence.

of Avtomagnitol in the car in literal sense is necessary as air. The head device can lose songs, reproduce clips, and also show the way. In this article you learn with what there are autoradio tape recorders, than differ also what characteristics have.

Producers of radio tape recorders. In each industry there are leaders, this list included the best producers of radio tape recorders which were credible buyers:

- Pioneer

- Sony

- Soundmax

- Kenwood

- Mystery

the Principle of work and the device of the radio tape recorder for a car. Now the head device in a car is installed already at the plant, and someone buys it independently. Mount the device usually about the dashboard, the distance from a wheel has to be from 40 to 60 centimeters. Such distance is ideal in order that the motorist could contact freely to the device and at the same time not strain driving.

are available For the majority of models the following functions:

- on/off

- the Choice of
radio station
- the
- Regulation of the loudness
- Recognition of type of the
- the Conclusion of messages about a situation on the road
In order that you could use the autoradio tape recorder, to you it is necessary to include ignition, after to press food on the head device, and also to choose the carrier. Further you regulate loudness, and later go and enjoy favourite music.

Types of autoradio tape recorders. DIN1. Designation speaks about the case sizes. In this case the size equals 180х50 mm. Such set in small-capacity cars, family transport, and also minibuses.


- Accepts memory cards on 32, and also on 64 GB
- the Huge choice on the power
- Sensitive reception of a radio signal
- Reads disks, USB sticks, and also the
- Distinguishes the
- the Small cost

- Usual
- Restriction for the number of files in the
- Not all tags are reproduced

- Practically never supports by Bluetooth

DIN2. The size belongs to rather large devices. It is possible to carry the size of 180х100 mm to them. The screen approximately equals to 6-7 inches, and also has expanded functions.


- the Screen has good survey corners
- Supports practical any formats of the
- Works together with joysticks at a wheel
- the Multiband equalizer
- Displays a huge number of tags
- Supports Bluetooth

- Supports iOS, Android

- the Public address system
- the Big cost
- USB is not always located conveniently for

How to choose the radio tape recorder? If you do not go on a long distance, your daily trips not long, then you can choose usual DIN1 model. There will be enough 40 W.

For families



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