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Construction of shopping center in Zaporizhia generally supports youth - statistics

Sociologists have studied how for the last half a year they from the moment of the previous poll have changed mood of Zaporozhetses concerning construction of new shopping center in Yalansky's square.

the Sociological company Independent Researching Group has conducted on August 23 the research, the second for the last half a year, devoted to a question of construction of shopping center "The modern downtown. Sociologists presented results on Tuesday, August 28.

have asked Respondents several questions to reveal their awareness on construction of shopping center, the relation and also to give an assessment to actions of social activists which acting against, have demolished a fence around the site.

In comparison with February poll, at citizens has appeared more scepticism in a question of appeal of Zaporizhia to investors. Sociologists connect it with the fact that in our city there were no new projects lately, and construction of shopping center has encountered resistance at group of activists. Considering

that the last half a year the subject of new shopping center is actively discussed in media and is duplicated in commercials, heard nearly 59% of Zaporozhetses whereas in the winter this indicator didn't reach also 35% about him. At the same time residents of dormitory areas are less informed in a subject, than inhabitants of the center.

Youth, according to data of poll, is interested in new shopping center more, than the senior generation.

After have shown to respondents a type of future shopping center, 70,9% have noted that they like the project and only 21,8% that isn't present. Only 4% have found it difficult to answer, against 3,3% have expressed. At the same time number of simpatik I have grown up. Sociologists connect it with more clear, detailed presentation.

at the same time every second respondent considers that our city "precisely needs" new shopping center (43,3% of respondents) Especially brightly this tendency also 30-39 are expressed at youth from 18 to 29 years. Elderly respondents speak less often for.

Set to Zaporozhetses and a new question of how they estimate the radical actions directed against building. More than 73% have expressed against, having noted that they support peace ways of a protest.

Rather unambiguous is a position of citizens and to a question of reconstruction of the park of Pushkin. More than a half of respondents consider that he precisely needs reconstruction. At the same time three quarters have answered that they like the shown project of restoration within implementation of the project of construction of new shopping center.



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