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Congratulations on the Name day of Arseny: cards and verses

Value of a name, compatibility and Arseniy's congratulations on the Name day. What means a name Arseny Imya comes from the Greek name of Arsenios that in translation means "courageous" or "mature". Sometimes in addition there is an interpretation of "people" or "man". Arsen became an independent form over time. At Tatars, Bashkirs and Armenians the name means "fearless, strong". What character at Arseny Malchik grows very kind, studies well, practically does not clash, very sociable, but really with anybody is not on friendly terms. Arseniy are usually vulnerable and sensitive, very much love animals, but seldom look after them. Xian only what is pleasant to him tries to do. Often gets into ridiculous situations only on the fault.

Value of Arseniy
If Arseniy was born
in the summer, it is reticent, likes to listen more, is not the leader and hard moves ahead on a career ladder. If in the winter - is resourceful, courageous and stubborn. Will most of all achieve in sport. Autumn Arseniy cunning are also prudent, but also hardworking and accurate, often makes plans which are far from reality. Summer usually marry twice, long hold offense and do not try to be reconciled.

From Arseniy will turn out the excellent designer, the sports trainer, the doctor, the architect, the artist or the lawyer. These men like to collect and also quite often become monks or priests. The compatibility with woman's names is better than all relation develop with women: Oz, Alla, Diana, Zinaida, Lyudmila, Ada, the Lada

Badly and hard are under construction the relations with owners of a name: Anna, Nina, Lilia, Emma Znamenitye Arseniy: Arseniy Yatsenyuk is the Ukrainian statesman, the politician. Arsen Zinchenko is the Ukrainian historian, the public figure, the People's Deputy of 1 convocation. Arseniy (Matseyevich) is the Volynsk Saint. Arsenius the Great is the famous early Christian Roman Saint and the father of church. Arseny Kotlyarevsky is the Ukrainian organist and the musicologist, the honored worker of arts of Ukraine. Arsen Avakov is the Ukrainian political and public figure. Arseny Berlo is a teacher, the bishop Mstislavsky, Orshansky and Mogilev, Pereyaslavsky and Boryspil, the founder of the Pereyaslavsky kollegium. Arsen Chernyavsky is a member Ukrainian General Military Committee, the member of the Ukrainian Central Rada, the lieutenant colonel of Army of UNR. Arsen Savadov is the Ukrainian conceptual artist and the photographer of the Armenian origin. Arsen Kaspruk is a writer and the literary critic. Cards and congratulations with day of Arseny Ta, Arseniy or Arsen -

the Real gentleman!

To women - not indifferent,

A to friends always hospitable!

you all have head In the clouds, know

I about life much,

You are a slogger, our Arsen,

Therefore also the businessman! Let good luck God give


By will not pass happiness!

I in cheerful this day -

our warm pozdravka! Read

, Arseniy, to steam of lines,

B them for you ours of pozdravka: we Wish

good luck much,

of Fun, joy, love!

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