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Conflict of the USA and Canada: for what consequences to wait to Ukraine

On August 28 Hristya Frilyand has unexpectedly cancelled a visit to Ukraine because of the agreement on the free trade zone in North America known under an abbreviation of NAFTA. Trump tries to change

it behind the back of Canada therefore ahead the Canadian minister has difficult negotiations with the American officials. The day before Donald Trump has expressed the intention to refuse the agreement and to conclude bilateral agreements with Mexico.

"I would like to call these arrangements the trade agreement between the USA and Mexico. I think, this good name. In my opinion, in the USA many bad associations because it was extortion are connected with the agreement of NAFTA. It was the awful transaction for our country", - the U.S. President Donald Trump has said. the Head of the White House has begun with

trade wars with most of partners of the USA. At the end of May he has introduced duties on the steel and aluminum imported from Mexico, Canada and the EU. Such actions of the president of America weren't left without reaction from the main trade partners. We establish to

duties dollar to dollar in response to each Canadian dollar on which the USA has imposed taxes,

- has answered the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Canada Chrystia Freeland.

Trade war between the USA and Canada is complicated by the conflict between the American president and the Canadian prime minister. Disputes between two leaders have broken out at the beginning of June in Quebec during the summit of the G7. Tarmp was revolted by Trudeau's behavior during the meeting.

the Prime minister of Canada Justin Trudeau worked so carefully and softly during our meeting with the G7 only in order that when I have left to give a press conference and to say: "The American tariffs are an insult" and he won't allow to punish himself. Very unfair and on-slabatski. Our tariffs are an answer to his duty in 270% for our dairy products,

- Trump has written to Twitter.

the Conflict between politicians has worsened the bilateral relations of the USA and Canada. What it will come to the end with - difficult to predict. Ukraine has chosen a neutrality in this question so far.

"Meanwhile I don't think that for us there is a reason for nervousness in the most important for us a question today, both Washington and Ottawa in principle adhere to one position. What interests us what is important for Ukraine it is a common position concerning Russia, and she is observed", - the expert of foreign affairs Oleg of >
has explained When to Hristya Frilyand drops out the following opportunity to meet the Ukrainian officials personally and to discuss the vital issues of bilateral cooperation, so far it is unknown.



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