Date: 6 months ago   Category: Hi-Tech

Conan Unconquered - new strategy from Petroglyph is announced

Today there took place the presentation of Kinda Funny Games devoted medium-budget and to indi-projects. Perhaps, the most curious news with a show - the announcement of strategy of Conan Unconquered.

works On new Conan the Petroglyph studio responsible for Star Wars: Empire at War, Grey Goo and future remaster of Command & Conquer. Unconquered is dynamic strategy in which it is necessary to beat off waves of enemies of the increasing complexity.

to cope, players should build up the fortress, putting up walls and defensive works. Function of an active pause is provided - to you will allow to suspend fight and to quietly distribute orders. Excess seconds on a respite will obviously not prevent - a threat is posed not only by opponents, but also the fires and also the mountains of corpses extending diseases.

our starting army will consist of infantry, but then we will unblock a heavy cavalry, magicians and especially powerful fighters. Among the last - the heroes like Conan allocated with special abilities. That troops developed, it is necessary to provide them with provisions and a salary.

of All in a game will be several types of resources - food, gold, a tree and iron. On base to you will allow to build dwellings, barracks, temples and other buildings. One of protective constructions - coppers with the boiling oil.

can be played Unconquered alone or in online cooperative for two users.

of Conan Unconquered will appear on PC in the second quarter 2019. we Will remind

that before Funcom already released a game based on Conan - network "выживач" Conan Exiles. Besides, the publishing house works week with a single game on the same Universe. Her company will present later.



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