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Colleague Poroshenko: "It is necessary to lie about diplomacy and to prepare for war for the Crimea and Donbass"

Ukraine has to lie about diplomatic efforts, however, actually, prepare for the power scenario of return of control over Donbass. About it the ex-chairman of "The Donetsk regional military civil authorities" Pavel Zhebrivsky ayavit

on air of Zik channel, the correspondent of Politnavigator tells.

"I think that Ukraine will never refuse territorial integrity, the sovereignty over temporarily occupied territories of the Donetsk, Luhansk regions and the Crimea.

you Want peace - prepare for war. Today except that we have to work rather seriously at the foreign policy arena, get support from our western partners, the EU, America... We have to build strong Ukraine, happy, prospering here where its highness the law where there is law force, but not the law of force dominates.

We have to create motivated super efficient army. Today both the president of Ukraine, and official representatives have to say that we will go in the diplomatic way, but, actually, we have to prepare for renewing sovereignty and a military way - at least on a part of the territory of temporarily occupied Donbass.

Let Croatia will be for us an example which in six days renewed the sovereignty.

But for all this we have to construct the Ukrainian political nation when to collaborators there is not a place in the Ukrainian political society when they sit as mice under a bench when the political nation constructs Ukraine happy and prospering when the army is ready to renew for those six days territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine in Donbass", - he is sure.

With the Crimea, according to Zhebrivsky, a situation is far more difficult. "Russia delivered

there already and nuclear weapon. For today it delivered so much arms that, actually, there can be a World War III, and here we will need more diplomatic way, and it, unfortunately, is postponed until disintegration of Russia which inevitably will occur.

But, telling about a diplomatic way and renewal of sovereignty, have to prepare for the military scenario, but for this purpose we need the strong and blossoming Ukraine", - Zhebrivsky noted.




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