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Clever diet: grow thin without starving!

Options for a breakfast (we choose on the discretion):

- 4 egg whites, 2 toasts from whole-grain bread, 1 yolk and a slice of a light-salted salmon;

- 200 g of porridge of "long" cooking, a half of apple or 200 g of berries, 1 teaspoon of olive oil;

- Sandwiches from whole-grain bread and sheep cheese with tomatoes and onions;

- 200 g of buckwheat, 1 teaspoon of olive oil, vegetable salad or greens;

- Linen quick-cooking cereal, apple or a pear.

lunch Options:

- Chicken breast from a kino, the buckwheat baked by potato (1 feature) with fresh or stewed vegetables;

- Fish soup, 200 g of fish, the vegetable salad filled with vegetable oil and lemon juice;

- the Portion of brown rice and a handful of pine nuts;

- Sandwiches from a chicken or indyushachy breast with sheep cheese and a green salad;

- the Portion of lentil and vegetable salad.

dinner Options:

- 150 g of chicken breast with vegetables and a kinoa;

- 300 g of shrimps with vegetable salad;

- the Omelette with vegetables;

- 200 g of a salmon with lemon juice, green vegetables;

- 200 g of a herring or a mackerel, 100 g of baked potatoes and cucumbers
- 200 g of lentil with not starchy vegetables;

Having a snack:

Any fresh unsweetened fruit with a small amount of nuts.



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