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Citizens complain of bad food in children's hospital

In Melitopol from last year the subject of increase in the cost of food for children who are on treatment in children's hospital on Frolov St. is discussed. Also her deputies of city council at one of meetings of the budgetary commission lifted. However still further a talk business did not go. And at this time parents of kids who undergo treatment in hospital, complain of quality of food.

Moreover, according to one of mummies, children who were hospitalized on hospital treatment on food put only every other day.

- my average son lay in November, 2017 and was very happy with food.

In June, 2018 it with the elder brother were in regional children's hospital. Said that in Zaporizhia feed much worse, than in Melitopol. On February 5 my eldest son went to hospital (at us, on Frolov). Began to feed since February 7. Food - microscopic portions. And in comparison with Zaporizhia loses. It is interesting to me that occurred for incomplete one and a half years, - one of mummies wrote to social networks.

Deputies of city council suggested to raise food cost for 10 UAH and charged to discuss the matter previously in the commission of executive committee with the mayor.

the Manager of city public health department Larisa Saprykina explained that the menevka in hospital did not exchange from last year. And children are still fed far better, than in adult patients. In case of increase in cost of food by 10 UAH, in addition to 261 thousand UAH it will be necessary to provide 102 thousand more UAH on food by a year in the budget. Deputies decided that the sum this small and they essentially not against it, but asked the head of a gorzdrav to submit for a start the draft decision on executive committee.

As was explained by Larisa Saprykina the matter was already discussed previously in executive committee, there is an offer to change a power supply system in hospital in general. But the final decision for the mayor. The meeting with the mayor Sergey Minko on this subject is planned for the near future. About its results read on our website.



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