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China has developed a new type of quantum memory

The Chinese scientific and technological university in the city of Hefei has developed unique quantum memory, that is the device of perspective remote quantum communication. Xinhua on Tuesday, September 11 reports about it.

the New memory device is called multiplex solid-state quantum memory with multiple degrees of freedom.

Now distance on which it is perhaps reliable to carry out quantum teleportation of a photon is limited to one hundred kilometers. The option with use of the device for storage of quantum information will allow to provide quantum communication on bigger distance.

Group of physicists under the direction of Li Chuanfena researched in the field of development of quantum memory in recent years. The team has successfully created memory with multiple degrees of freedom with a possibility of work in 12 modes.

Results of an experiment show that in all operations of memory three-dimensional quantum conditions of photons keep accuracy approximately in 89%.

New achievement, according to experts, not only is of great importance for development of quantum network and quantum computers, but also will find application in the sphere of linear optical quantum calculations.

China has carried out Earlier the first-ever quantum transfer of satellite data. The signal from Mozi's companion has been received on two Xinglong earth-based stations to the Provinces of Hebei and Nan Shan about the city of Urumqi in Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region.



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