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China begins conversion of marine and river transport to LNG-fuel

The Ministry of Transport of the People's Republic of China has submitted the new program for expansion of use of liquefied natural gas as fuel for sea vessels for public discussion. Department wants to receive from the companies comments to the plan which will submit for consideration of the government till August 20, transfers with reference to LNG World News.

According to the document, the ministry intends to establish standard specifications on use of LNG as fuel for the marine transport and also to create full-scale bunkering infrastructure. The Ministry of Transport expects that by 2025 in the country the sea and river transport system put in action by the liquefied gas will be created.

two years ago the ministry has unveiled the plan to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases from engines of the vessels plying on the delta of the Pearl river, Yangzi and Bokhaysky delta the gulf. The program provides decrease in emissions by 65% by 2020.

According to the plan of the ministry, for this purpose vessels are in large quantities transferred to LNG-fuel. The program also provides construction of the whole network of coastal LNG gas stations. Besides, all vessels when mooring will be connected to coastal power network at once. At the same time power production will be made for ship networks at gas power plants.

is supposed the Same program construction of 200 small-sized tankers for transportation of liquefied natural gas. This project is realized by the Green Power Water Transport Co company. by request of Honghua Group Limited (Province of Sichuan). Vessels of three types are under construction: with a capacity of 700 tons, 950 tons and 1300 tons. the Head of Honghua Group Zhang Mi has told

about the project: "It is the LNG tankers of new type, safe for the environment at all stages of operations on loading and unloading. Vessels are intended for use on the internal rivers of China".

In the People's Republic of China also actively is implemented the state program for the conversion of diesel cargo transport to gas motor fuel. In plans of the Chinese government for decrease in volume of the polluting emissions this translation is a priority measure. Taking into account the fact that the average duration of operation of trucks in China - four years, by 2020 the People's Republic of China will be able to transfer the cargo park to gas fuel completely.



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