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Chery has invented the perpetual motion machine and has installed it on the Tiggo 3 crossover

The Chinese Chery to a row holds many years the second place on sales in our country among all the brands presented at us from Celestial Empire. Moreover, the brand is recognized by car experts of the most recognizable among all cars from the People's Republic of China. And what is curious, selling the products without the dumping prices, the Russian representative office manages to increase sales.

Not least it is explained by sensible marketing policy when the most various financial instruments for purchase of very qualitative crossovers are offered potential clients (at us Chery is presented only SUV which line Tiggo 2, Tiggo 3, Tiggo 5 enter) and on credit, and on a trade ин, and by installments, and on the Internet.

Besides, the producer regularly organizes serious service actions with decent discount, not to mention his reasonable discount program. And the other day the brand has at all caused a stir. Offering additional confidence in no-failure operation of the engine to 1 000 000 km of a run, Chery has decided to show quality of the cars not only a word, but also business. Also I have started the 1 000 000 km of confidence program unique in own way which doesn't have analogs in the Russian market. The best-seller of brand in the Russian market - the Chery Tiggo 3 crossover became the first model in the program.

If is short, then the producer, assuming that owners of the car will carry out all his instructions on maintenance stated in the management on guarantee and to maintenance, promises that the resource of the engine can reach 1 000 000 kilometers.

- We always sought to provide to our clients qualitative products and services which meet their requirements and a way of life. And our cars have already proved as reliable, safe and demanding the minimum service. Nevertheless, we want to increase the level of satisfaction of clients therefore we offer them additional confidence in no-failure operation of the engine to 1 000 000 km of a run while the warranty period for the car remains the same - 5 years or 150 000 km, - the director of JSC ChERI AVTOMOBILI RUS Gennady Pavlov has commented on an innovation to the Avtovzglyad portal. In other words, at observance of the conditions mentioned above, the brand, in case of problems within car service life, will provide to

at own expense a complex of necessary recovery work or even replacement of the engine. In this regard the Avtovzglyad portal has decided to count how many and as it is necessary to go to master the mentioned one million kilometers. As a result it has turned out that if to leave on a dream, food and other needs there are 12 hours, and the rest of the time not to get out because of a wheel of "Chinese", then for the next five years it is necessary to pass 46 km/h or 12 km 15 minutes. And if to trust our arithmetic calculations, the Chery Tiggo 3 motor turns out simply not killed... we Will remind

that on the Chery Tiggo 3 crossover the engine developed by concern in partnership with the Austrian company AVL is installed.



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