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Chernomorets - Vorskla - 0:1. The 18th tour

Chornomorets - Vorskla - 0:1 (0:1)

Chizhov, <>
Chernomorets (Odessa): Litovchenko, Ryzhuk, Grachev, Mishchenko (Ostapenko, 14), Trubochkin (Shtogrin, 87), Savchenko, Babenko, Norenkov, Chorny (Musolitin, 46), Semeniv, Koval.

Vorskla (Poltava): Шуст, Giorgadze, Perduta, Gabelok (Mysyk, 90 3), Sharpar, Kareka (Sergiychuk, 74), Chesnakov (captain), Chizhov, Sakiv, Artur (Canet, 85), Child.

of the Judge: Novokhatny (Kiev), Klimenko (Kiev), Zhary (Pavlohrad).

on December 8. Odessa. Chernomorets stadium. 3,250 viewers.

the Bronze prize-winner of last year's superiority in present fights for the right to play in the "medal" six. At Vorskla which is in the 5th place, 24 points. As much at Mariupol.

On one point lags behind Desna. And you should not dismiss Lviv with twenty points. Well, and once again you should not say about position of Chernomorets: each match for "seamen", as final. So the meeting was expected two-edged.

the Angel Chervenkov was limited to the minimum rotation: the main goalkeeper Litovchenko who replaced Kozhukhar returned to a system, and instead of Musolitin Savchenko in the field appeared. Vasily Sachko made twice more replacements. Sklyar, Kulach, Sapay and Kolomoyets gave way in "basis" to Giorgadze, Sharpar, Kareke and the Child. "Seamen" could hammer

in the 1st minute. Norenkov broke on the left flank and did intense pass to the penalty area on Koval, but defenders managed to block Koval's blow. And in two minutes guests opened the account. At first Litovchenko pulled out a ball from under a crossbeam after heading of Kareki, followed angular, and in turmoil gate had the promptest Chizhov. The passed ball did not confuse owners, they carried out several perspective counterattacks, one of which came to the end with dense blow of Koval (Shust was on the alert).

In the 25th minute already Sharpar did not use series of errors of defense of inhabitants of Odessa. In the second half of a time a game went, as they say, without gate. It is possible to remember unless Kareki and Koval's harmless blows.

After a break Chernomorets rushed to the attack, but poltavchana managed to constrain a starting impact of the rival. In the 63rd minute the referee of a meeting Vladimir Novokhatny took away teams from the field - so-called fans of owners caused a stir in the next act of vandalism. However, the pause lasted not for long. A game continued the same way: inhabitants of Odessa pressed, to the poltavchena tried to counterattack. Goalkeepers at the same time were left without work.

"Seamen" had chance to even the score in the 88th minute when the penalty directly against gate was appointed, but the blow had from 25 meters in "wall". In the compensated time was torn on an appointment with Shustom Koval, however the goalkeeper left gate in time and liquidated threat.



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