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Chernomorets - Olympique - 1:1: At the bottom. The 24th tour


Goals: DEGTYaREV, 40 (0:1). TANChIK, 62 <(1:1).br>
Chernomorets (Odessa): Kozhukhar - 6.0. Norenkov - 5.5. Grachev - 5.0. Ryzhuk - 5.0. Trubochkin - 5.5. The woman - 6.0. Musolitin - 6.0. TANChIK - 6.0. Chorny - 6.0 (Pavlov, 77 - / o). Vilkhamsson - 5.5. Arzhanov (k) - <>
Olympique (Donetsk): Krynsky - 6.0. Ksenz - 6.0. Grishko (k) - 6.0. Snurnitsyn - 6.0. Vantukh - 5.5 (Tsymbalyuk, 69 - 6.0). E. Pasich - 6.0. Kravchuk - 6.0. Guy - 6.0. Politylo - 6.0 (Koltsov, 57 - 6.0). DEGTYaREV - 6.0. Matar - 6.0 (Valeev, 80 - / o).

of Punishment: Vilkhamsson, 3 (prevention).

Scoring chances: 4 - 3.

Blows (in a goal mouth): 8 (5) - 7 (5)

Angular: 4 - 2.

of the Judge: ARANOVSKIY. Petrakov, Yakovlev (all - Kiev).

on April 14. Odessa. Chernomorets stadium. 8 degrees. 2850 viewers (accomodates 34,183).

from Odessa
After two in succession humiliating defeats in native walls from Alexandria (0:3) and Arsenal (1:3) home game with Olympique became for the Odessa team the moment of truth. Savors to a duel were added by the fact that in the ranks of "Olympians" there were many former "seamen". whether

Joke: eight ex-players of Chernomorets - Dmitry Grishko, Evgeny Zubeyko, Dmitry Nemchaninov, Vitaly Balashov, Aleksey Guy, Anton Shinder, Sergey Politylo and Rinar Valeev are involved in the current season in the Donetsk team. The last, by the way, debuted as a part of Olympique slightly more than a week ago, having occupied a vacancy of the left Shinder.

Before the third meeting in the championship both rivals solved personnel problems. At inhabitants of Odessa could not play Alexander Golikov and Vladimir Koval leaving disqualification after a red card recovering from an injury, and at донетчан - the injured Vitaly Balashov and Nigerian David Enogela.

to Observe rivalry of the teams fighting for preservation of a registration in elite less audience, than came to two previous home games of Chernomorets. Perhaps, two factors - frankly weak game of "seamen" and the weather which worsened last week became the reason for that at once: to replace warm and sunny days cold and a drizzle came to Odessa.

Chernomorets which Stayed the lion's share of the championship on the penultimate place came to a game with Olympique already in the new status - the outsider closing the table (at that time it was already known that Arsenal which won a victory over poltavchana bypassed "seamen"). It urged on the owners trying to impose to the rival the game a little.

But left so that in a debut part of a match not inhabitants of Odessa, and the donetchena created several moments. Maxim Degtyarev in whose services, say continually came under the spotlight, last year Chernomorets was interested. In one of episodes it had to hammer, however after an exit in private with Andrey Kozhukhar clumsily stuck a ball by gate. what did not work well at the beginning of the game the forward of Olympique made

shortly before a break. At not



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