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Checkup in a new way - on roads will not be released by rusty cars and a car with cracks on a windshield

The Ministry of Internal Affairs developed the program of monitoring of the coupons issued to drivers. the Government continues by

active preparation for start in Ukraine of a full-fledged system of technical control of cars. For this purpose the Ministry of Internal Affairs developed and published a draft resolution which will approve an order of verification of the coupons of technical control issued to motorists on the website.

At the moment regular checkup have to pass only separate categories of motorists (mainly commercial motor transport). And though there is no exact date of start of obligatory survey for all yet, till 2022 Ukraine is obliged to return the procedure, not palatable for motorists. It is directly provided by the agreement on association with the EU.

One of options of start of the mechanism in May of this year offered the Ministry of Infrastructure. In their version checkups each 2 years will become obligatory for all owners of a car since January 1, 2022.

However already now officials conduct active preparation for start of a system of technical control. The basic idea consists in giving functions of carrying out checkup to everyone HUNDRED. If only those underwent certification. However such approach demands from the state of additional control. That the idea aimed at increase in safety did not turn into corruption "baby's dummy". Such tasks are also pursued by the document published for acquaintance. Auditors will check controllers First of all, in the Ministry of Internal Affairs want to start the uniform "register of a tekhosomtr". In it will unload information on the certified centers of passing THAT, given about the cars issued to them coupons. And also details of the process of passing of control. The last is necessary to make sure whether in the business experts checked a car, or just "signed" the conclusion, without opening a cowl.

By the way, the requirements described in the document shed light and on verification process. From which it becomes clear that to pass new THAT many quite serviceable car it will be not so simple. To whom will not issue the coupon In particular, the expert after check will have to load pictures of verification process into base: Headlights (all have to burn, including protivotumanka. On headlights there should not be cracks or the tinting films). The brake system at the stand (at least one axis of a car has to stand on the stand, number of a car has to be visible). Brake fires (have to burn in "standard" color). Tires (there should not be damages). A car with GBO (signs of safety have to be pasted). A cabin (there should not be objects limiting the review). A windshield (there should not be chips and cracks in a zone of work of "janitors"). Bodies (the elements including bearing have to be without cracks and through corrosion). The odometer (indications have to correspond to data of the protocol of checkup, cannot be less, than during the previous survey). Also will check toxicity of an exhaust, a svetopropuskaniye of "driver's" glasses, compliance of numbers of a body and the motor to data in the registration certificate.

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