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Chaz Davies was disappointed in World Superbike: and transition to Ducati V4 will change nothing if

Cancellation of the final race World Superbike on Saturday became big unpleasant news to all pilots of the championship, including, for Johnathan Ray who so wanted to set one more record of all times - to reach a point of 555 points during the season.

of МОТОГОНКИ.РУ, on October 29, 2018 - Chaz Davies has in a fit of temper given rather frank interview to the British journalists which has right there appeared on air. Here some excerpts from him.

First, because of some actions of marshals in the first race WSBK Davies has lost a position in a race. He very much wanted to finish a season a victory to correct a situation. Secondly, he is disappointed in general with a situation in the World Cup: "the new season will be same boring and unpromising for us, as well as passed" - he considers. "I in January have told

such thing: the championships aren't won just by the person on the fastest motorcycle. That to understand it, it isn't necessary to come to a track, it is possible to remain in Paddock and to see a difference. I work in team which on the technological level is inferior nothing to them [Kawasaki], but they [in Kawasaki Racing] are unprecedentedly concentrated on achievement of result, - BikeSportNews quotes Davies. - Only when all project is completely concentrated on the purpose, then... I think, I clear in general say". Davies says

that when Kawasaki have left MotoGP and have concentrated all efforts to World Superbike, they have succeeded. In same it is a high time, other plants, on the contrary, have switched attention with WSBK to MotoGP. Kawasaki it isn't necessary to come back to the Motor-Grand Prix to sell more sport bikes in the world and to have good result in WSBK. The same plants which are engaged in the programs in WorldSBK by the residual principle - Aprilia of Honda, Ducati, MV Agusta - will never achieve result. Next year Yamaha can reach the Kawasaki level, and then Ducati will have absolutely a rough time.

"Isn't enough one new bike. To us it is necessary entirely, all project to take a step forward, - Davies says. - Otherwise, this championship will be same sad and boring what was in the past season. Ducati omologirovat V4 for 2019, the first new bike for the last 5 years is the first updating of the motorcycle since I play for the plant. Kawasaki omologirut nearly an every year a new bike, now it will be already the fourth generation [Ninja ZX-10R] since 2012. To me it is just ridiculous... "

of Honda CBR1000RR didn't change from 2008 to 2016, Yamaha R1 was updated for the first time since 2009 only two years ago. Introduction and improvement of motorcycles goes with great difficulty. Ducati have replaced 1198 with 1199 Panigale R in 2012, and since then the motorcycle actually didn't change; since 2015 it in general has ceased to be produced in lots for public roads - it was replaced with <>
of Aprilia and Kawasaki dominated in World Superbike, since that moment as began to update motorcycles annually: the Aprilia plant has entered WSBK in 2010 with new RSV4, and Max Byadzhi has right there won a title. Only, in 2011 Carlos Cheke by titanic efforts managed once



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