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Champions of MotoGP, Moto2 and Moto3 were defined in the Sepang

The end in a fight for titles in the World Cup in the Motor-Grand Prix of 2018 is put to the Sepang today: in all three classes - Moto3, Moto2 and MotoGP were defined champions. Situation in general offsets following the results of 18 of 19 stages.

of МОТОГОНКИ.РУ, on November 4, 2018 - the Offer of Dorna to postpone races of all three classes to morning has worked: it has removed all stress in Paddock connected with chances to repeat Silverstone fate. Morning warm-up&8242; ы started on cold and damp asphalt - all night long, without ceasing, there was a rain. But races were hot in every sense, in everyone the destiny of some title was decided. To start not easy on the drying track... The first arrival in Moto3 has begun on the drying-up track, one and all came for start on slika. Considering that the track abounded with damp spots, fight went on limited sites. Marko Bezzekki has headed a race: to win it - there was his only chance to make something with superiority of Jorge Martin who has sat down on a tail to the Italian. Soon, Arbolino, Aryenas and Binder have entered a fight with Martin. He not too resisted, remembering only that the difference in the account between him and Bezzekki shouldn't exceed 13 points. Soon, asphalt has got warm so that 6-7 more rivals were connected to fight for a victory. The race has come to the end for Bezzekki at all not as has begun - he hasn't got on a podium whereas Martin has won arrival, having managed to make impressive breakthrough upward on the 8th circle. This victory he has put the end to a dispute between Spain and Italy. The only thing that can decide in Valencia - the fate of the 2nd place: Fabio Di Giianantonio who two stages in a row promptly approached Bezzekki can fight for him, and in the Sepang finished after him - they are divided by 9 points. Situation in Moto3 World Cup after the Grand Prix of Malaysia: 1. Jorge Honda - 240
2. Marko Bezzekki (KTM) - 214 (-26)

3. Fabio Di Honda - 205 (-35)

4. Bastianini's (Honda) Enea - 166

5. Lorenzo Dalla of Port (Honda) - 151 Day of the Italian cinema in the Sepang In Moto2 definitely was today day of Italy! Or rather, day of the unique team of "the Italian dream" - Sky Racing Team VR46: the brother Valentino Rossi of Luk Marini has issued the first in career victory on the Grand Prix whereas his partner Francesco Bagnaja, having become on the finish the 3rd, has finished a race behind a title. Alex Márquez, the dominating all weekend in the Sepang, finished only the 7th, and hasn't played a role duels of Banyai and the only rival, Miguel Olivera. The Portuguese could be ahead of the Italian, but only by one position, having divided partners in Sky Racing on a podium. He lacked it to reduce a gap in the account to 25 points. Situation in Moto2 World Cup: 1. Francesco Kalex - 304 points
2. Miguel of Oliver (KTM) - 272 (-32)

3. The brother Binder (KTM) - 201

4. Lorenzo Kalex - 162

5. Alex Kalex - 157 Hondas: The magic "70" At last, the hottest race was played at 13:00 - the Grand Prix of Malaysia



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