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Champions League: Bavaria was sorted on small screws

The English press praises Juergen Klopp's team, and German be horrified by defeat of Bavaria in 1/8 Champions League finals.

of Daily Mail: "The exclusive result" of

"Is exclusive result at three levels at once: English soccer, Liverpool and Klopp. England has four representatives in a quarterfinal of the Champions League, the club repeats a way of last season, and Klopp made silent Bavaria again.

Excellent evening. Bavaria, appear, was not against to play on 0:0. But Liverpool was against. The team showed confident game, let the match turned out also not the most outstanding. Liverpool can work better, but in terms of results better there is already no place. Who else here so will come to visit Bavaria and will sort it on small screws?"

of The Sun: "11 legends" seemed to

Liverpool uncontrollable on "Allyants-Arene". It needed only a draw, and all the same it appeared to this violent team of such result a little. As a part of Liverpool in the field there were 11 legends which battled for each plot of the field. And it is great that players did not begin to panic when passed a reciprocal ball from Bavaria. On the contrary, they were reconstructed and scored two more goals in the second half. It was an outstanding performance at the European level".

of Mirror: "The Senegalese king" the Edition allocates to

several moments for discussion after the match.

"Senegalese king. Mo Salah, the king of Egypt, endures a goal drought so far, but Manet from other flank scores goals for every taste.

Klopp's Half-backs. The head coach, apparently, does not know what combination of players in half-backs the best. Vaynaldum, Lallana, Henderson, Milner, Fabinyyu, Keitha, - everything were magnificent in this season. But the trio in a game with Bavaria looked a weak link. It turned out even well that Henderson was injured, and he was replaced by Fabinyyu. In the second half the Brazilian was one of the best in team.

Champions League or championship of England? Or both titles? If Hary Nevill was a coach of Liverpool, then the team would already lose to Bavaria to focus on a victory in the championship of England. But Klopp believes in the football players slightly more and optimistically considers that the team is capable to take two trophies".

of Bild: Bavaria without the ideas, speed and courage of"

"Neuer Mistake, Bavaria takes off", - it is so possible to translate heading on the homepage of the edition. Bild first of all criticizes the goalkeeper: "Manuel Neuer began a match with a big mistake. It for some reason left gate, but not on a ball, and clumsily tried not to allow to punch to the rival". "In the second half Bavaria was team without speed, the ideas and courage. As a result joined to already taken off from a tournament of Borussia and Schalke.

the Bundesliga has no chances against English teams, - concludes the edition. - Whether Klopp will take a title with Liverpool now? Considering that PSG and Real took off from a tournament too, everything is possible".

of Die Welt: "Without chances against attack of British"

Bavaria failed this game. Nicko Kovac's team



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