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Carlos Sayns: Start from pitas lane? We discuss it

Carlos Sayns has shown the 16th time in qualification in Spa and has early left fight - the behavior of the car has changed so in team consider the possibility of start from pitas lane...

Question: What has gone not so to qualifications?

Carlos Sayns: We don't know yet. In qualification it wasn't similar at all to that which I piloted in the third training. Since morning we considered that the speed of the car allows to apply for the tenth or eleventh place therefore with optimism waited for qualification. But as soon as I have come out to the route and have passed the first five-six turns, have understood that the balance of the car has nothing in common with the fact that was on the week-end course.

Has arisen a strong excess povorachivayemost, the car behaved unstably, threw her here and there on the circle course. I expected that in the second attempt the situation will change for the better, but only it became worse. We understand the reasons.

Question: The team has changed settings during qualification between attempts?

Carlos Sayns: It is a little, but it has appeared insufficiently.

Question: In team understand why it has occurred?

Carlos Sayns: We look for the reason. Still early to speak about something concrete, but the car just wasn't similar to itself. It is actually very heavy when all week-end the car is fast, and then you leave on the first attempt in qualification and you understand that you won't be able to collect a circle.

Question: Possibly, you are upset still also that it happened in qualification when you had a chance of something bigger thanks to a rain at the end?

Carlos Sayns: Yes. With our level of clamping force it was difficult to apply for something considerable, but the rain could give us chances. When it occurs, you want to participate in fight.

Question: The new bottom of the car which was brought by team to Spa became a step forward?

Carlos Sayns: Yesterday and it seemed, but due to the lack of balance of qualifications, I already so can't tell. On Friday with the new bottom speed looked promising therefore today's results especially disappoint. On Saturday since morning on tires Soft my speed was close to the rate of those who went to SuperSoft. We need to understand what has occurred - perhaps, it is connected with rubber, it is possible - with car. It is necessary to find out.

Question: In Renault consider the possibility to break the mode of "the closed park" that to change a lot of things in the car?

Carlos Sayns: Perhaps.

Question: And then it will lead to start from pitas lane?

Carlos Sayns: We discuss such opportunity.



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