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Carlos Cheka: Alvaro Bautista will be able to fight for a title in WSBK at once

The Spanish veteran of MotoGP and World Superbike Carlos Cheka welcomed Alvaro Bautista's decision to pass into WSBK since the next season: this decision is made at the correct moment of his career.

Cheka was successful, both in the Grand Prix, and in the Superbike. In 2011, acting on private Ducati 1098R of the Althea Racing team, he has won the World Cup; in the same season his workmate Davide Giuliano became a champion in the class Superstock-1000. It was the improbable triumph of Ducati though, actually, the plant didn't support financially and technically the Dzhenezio Bevilakvy team, though carried out "support by knowledge". Cheka was always close to Ducati and remains the devoted follower and the ambassador of a brand, having even finished career because of a trauma.

Carlos in honor of whom one of the turns Motorland Aragon is called, is sure that Bautista has done right thing, having accepted the invitation from WSBK: so he not only will save face, but also has real chance to succeed.

"When at you well turns out to speak at races, you have a new motivation. And in the new championship, on a new bike, new tires, in new team, on tracks which aren't crossed with MotoGP - for him it will be real restart of career. After 16 years in the Grand Prix it is easy to understand what offer really efficient, standing and in what direction it is necessary to move, - Carlos Cheka has noted. - I think, motivations at him will be enough. And if he is able to concentrate properly, will become the potential candidate for a title".

is necessary to Johnathan Ray the new, strong and young rival. Whether Alvaro can become such? Bautista one of two who has a potential for this purpose, Cheka considers. "Transition from one series to another - always serious челлендж, all everything is difficult to change

at once, to change itself, the style also to return to some long ago forgotten habits. But I think that Bautista has made the decision on transition at a well-chosen moment. First, he is strong and well prepared even by the standards of MotoGP. The new purposes will give him motivations during a debut season. The only thing, the most difficult will be to find limits of opportunities of the motorcycle to step through them - and to become inaccessible to rivals: it takes time. But if the team allows if the collective consists of the correct people who precisely know that they do, the period of adaptation is reduced considerably".

New Ducati V4 remains a mysterious novelty even for Ducati, and nobody can guarantee wonderful start of a new season.

"Team will work for the first time with the 4-cylinder V-shaped engine. Alvaro, perhaps, only of all will know what features this form factor has! But the result is yielded by all team. Alvaro is very valuable employee for Ducati in this situation, in V4 there are a lot of technologies from MotoGP. Mikkele [Pirro, the test pilot of Ducati Corse] said that on habits of V4 and Desmosedici are very similar, especially, the engine - as he works as power is delivered. I hope, V4 will be competitive in WSBK. I very much like Ducati, to



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