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Candid photos, bachelor parties in Vegas and other secrets which the royal family couldn't hide

Life of the British royal family is filled with secrets about which the general public never learns. All members of a ruling dynasty on public carefully follow the protocol, and each their step is strictly verified according to rules. But monarchs too people: if suddenly "something went wrong", their secrets can be revealed very unexpectedly. Also believe, lace lingerie of Meagen Markl and a boot of prince Harry full of holes - not the most terrible. If we have exorcized

of the Adventure of prince Harry
about recently settled down prince Harry, we will begin with his "feats" which have created a scandal in the press. Long before the wedding Elizabeth II's grandson had a reputation of the main party-goer and playboy of royal family. The public long discussed the pictures taken at one of parties with Harry's participation: the young man had a good time in Vegas with friends and it was for some reason in a shot absolutely naked - moreover and with the unknown girl. As then wrote tabloids, the company played billiards on undressing (and, it seems, Harry plays not really well). The prince wouldn't like that you have learned how he spends your money, having a good time with maidens in Vegas, - the press sneered.

saw the Whole world not only "the fifth point" of the prince, but also his photo in not the most sober state and also shots where Harry leaving night club attacks paparazzi pursuing him.

have turned back Huge scandal a photo of the prince at a fancy-dress party where he has come in a military uniform with a swastika. Later Harry recognized that it was "not the best choice", but tabloids continued to duplicate pictures of "prince-Nazi".

of the Photo from "rough youth" of Kate and William
If the public has already got used to scandalous photos of prince Harry, then prince William and Kate Middleton nevertheless were always perceived by the people as couple of model citizens. Because of it and the photos which are coming back after club tipsy of the prince and his future wife (at that time they weren't married yet) have made a great impression on public. We will remind, this spring the photographer Max Butterworth has published some unknown pictures of celebrities, and the photo of princes and Kate have got to this selection.

Of course, is not the only hotly discussed photo from Middleton's past. What was cost by only one picture of the duchess in a transparent dress - so she has appeared on a podium in student's years.

of Kate Middleton of topless

B has occurred 2012, apparently, inconceivable: paparazzi have trapped William and Kate on vacation in France and have depicted the duchess with a naked breast. All British tabloids have refused to publish these shots, only the French magazine Closer wasn't ashamed.

of the Spouse have filed a lawsuit, the sum of compensation which they have requested for invasion into private life was one and a half million euros. A year ago the court has passed the decision: the editorial office of the magazine was obliged to pay to the royal family of 100 thousand euros.

In comparison with these photos pictures of the duchess's skirt lifted by wind - just an example of innocence.

Half-naked Meagen



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