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Can not only rob, and kill: the Kiev resident has told about two hours of hell because of a know-how of telephone speculators

In Ukraine speculators modernized an old type of fraud by phone. Criminals collect by

detailed information then call people, frighten them and extort money. Ekaterina Vozhzhova in Facebook has shared such history.

"Friends, I have just endured two hours of hell! To my mother, already elderly woman, bad people and potential murderers have called! Were presented by police and have told that my brother with friends has got into a car accident. And perhaps she wouldn't peck on this divorce, but this time the facts looked very convincingly. These persons possessed very detailed information on location of the brother and his attendants. He has gone to have a rest to Odessa on the car with children. Aferyug knew a full name of friends, knew where they have stopped, and have thought up heavy injuries to everyone after "accident", - the Kiev resident has told.

It has said that the situation was heated due to the lack of an opportunity to contact vacationers. From four people nobody took the call, and in social networks nobody appeared days. At the same time, when Vozhzhova tried to phone to speculators, nobody answered.

"As a result, I have recovered, have calmed down and have called the police to punch data on numbers, existence and the fact of summonses of police officers in Odessa for similar road accidents. After long analyses information was confirmed that all this swindlers and any accidents weren't. Do you ask why mother couldn't expose swine at once and ask more questions? And I will answer you, she was brought to failure, a stress, a hysterics and she couldn't compare adequately everything. People who shock worked with her and then warm up urgency and hopelessness of the tragedy, awful injuries of the son and people familiar to her. And then, when have brought to the shivering hands - say about money, necessary on operation", - she has noted.

the Situation was saved that the woman has called the daughter and hasn't transferred money to speculators. And only in 2,5 hours they could establish the truth. As a result the brother and his companions have contacted, and with them everything has appeared as it should be. Guys just slept.

"The police didn't begin to adopt at me the statement as they haven't seen the swindle fact, a pier money we haven't transferred, and mother is alive, healthy. But unless it can't be incriminated as hooliganism? Nobody knows whether there were after such calls lethal outcomes. I have glanced in UK, and there is no suitable article for such crime", - Vozhzhova has explained.

according to her, turns out, for it it is impossible to attract to criminal liability. At the same time it is unknown how many potential "murderers" have made calls and how many people have got a stress or a lethal outcome.

"Speculators can not only rob you, and to kill your relatives, and it for it nothing will be! I was lucky that the police at least on a call has arrived and have helped to understand. But nobody wants to work further on this case. Really there are today no technologies which can define location of the calling or this number? Of course, is! Just the police will move only when you or translate from the ends деньг



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