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Came true: there were results of examination on the case of execution on the Maidan

The procedure of examination on the case of crimes on the Euromaidan
came to the end the Prosecutor General's Office of Ukraine is ready to express results of examination on the case of executions on the Euromaidan.

the Attorney-General Yury Lutsenko on air of Inter TV channel told that it is about those persons who gave, according to the investigation, the order on execution of civilians.

the Investigation confirmed that such people as Yanukovych, Zakharchenko, Yakimenko, Shulyak, the head of the SSU, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Internal troops and their subordinates gave orders on the Maidan therefore more than one hundred people died, more than one and a half thousand people were wounded.

As was told by Yury Lutsenko, in 2019 the prosecutor's office will complete the investigation and, at last, will be able to show to society of the proof.

the Attorney-General is confident that it will be the most anticipated trial in recent years.

As became clear that all suspects destroyed correspondences and servers before running away into Russia.

Nevertheless, to the investigation was succeeded to find proofs, to establish фактаж and to interview thousands of citizens.

In the expert report is told that all this has relationship of cause and effect with death on the Maidan.

became known Earlier that during the revolt in the capital collisions broke out, security officers pull together armored vehicles.

passes a large-scale protest In the capital: people took to the streets because of plans the government to raise a tax on fuel. Prior to the action about 300 people whom police officers convicted of "preparation of acts of violence against people" were detained. From them 32 persons were arrested.

According to the latest data, during the demonstration were detained 500 people.

Is about protests of "yellow vests" which already several weeks proceed in Paris.

across all France are on duty Today about 89 thousand police officers, and on streets of Paris took out armored vehicles.




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