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Call of the Homeland. The Consumers union has explained love of Russians to domestic food

Choosing food, the vast majority of Russians prefer domestic manufacturers. Data of poll VCIOM demonstrate to it. Sociologists have found out that they at the identical price of 95 respondents choose domestic vegetables, 94 percent - Russian fish and meat. Besides 91 percent of respondents prefer domestic dairy products, 85 percent - the Russian pasta, 82 percent choose fruit and 76 percent chocolate of the Russian production.

the Chairman of Consumers union of Russia Pyotr Schelisch in a conversation with has said that such tendency can be explained with physiological communication of the population with the home ground.

"In these preferences is the rational basis connected with physiological features with ability of an organism to acquire these or those substances, chemical compounds and so on. Specialists in food, I think, will confirm that it is more useful to people to eat what is made on the earth where they have grown up. There is something like that both physical, and physiological behind the concept "homeland". It not only phenomenon spiritual, but also material. We since the childhood drink the water having certain specifics. In the products which are grown up on the earth where we live with the childhood, the specifics connected with structure of soils too", - Schelisch has told.

Should noting that the choice of Russians for domestic goods doesn't mean their higher quality. As the head of Consumers union has explained, the question of quality concerns individual preferences, and they, in turn, are often caused by the environment of education of the person.

"Is pleasant to people more what they get used since the childhood to. I have got used since the childhood to grandmother's borsches and cutlets, they still are pleasant to me much more, than production of McDonald's. And here grandsons prefer, unfortunately, for me, the fact that in Europe call "food Junk" - "slop food". She, alas, is pleasant to them. For health it isn't useful, but children quickly get used, and then it is very difficult to disaccustom them to it, or to be disaccustomed to it. So it is very important, than feed children in the early childhood and during later children's period. Parents should think of it", - the interlocutor of the NSN has noted.

Poll VCIOM has also revealed preference of Russians to the western equipment. 76 percent of respondents have told that they choose foreign brands at the choice of household appliances and electronics. According to Pyotr Schelisch, in this plan there is a subject for pity.

"Alas, so far our domestic manufacturers can oppose to world brands little. It is possible to regret for it. It is necessary to aspire to becoming competitive and in these markets. But while a situation such is, and people quite rationally prefer world brands", - the head of Consumers union has commented.

Before Roskachestvo has carried out an inspection of the Russian canned food "Sprat in a Tomato". From ten tested samples, six didn't correspond to state standard specification. In some fishes there were more recommended standards, and in some - it is less. Nevertheless, all samples were safe for health, but одн



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