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Cake from oatmeal cookies without pastries (recipe)

Ingredients oatmeal cookies TM Kiyevkhleb - 600 g. Cherry layer: Cherry (at me - frozen) - 300 g, Sugar - 70 g, Water - 1 tablespoon. Impregnation: Water (hot) - 250 ml., instant coffee - 1 tablespoon. Cream: Sour cream (I have 20% of fat content) - 700 гСахар - 120 гВанилин - 1 pinch For ornament: Walnuts - 1 glass. Way of preparation:

1. We mix frozen cherry, water and sugar in a bowl. We cook it on slow fire about 15 minutes, constantly stirring slowly.

2. We separate from cherry syrup with the help it is full, it will not be used in preparation of a dessert by us.

3. We mix sour cream, sugar and vanillin for cream preparation. We shake up it the mixer.

4. We dissolve coffee in warm water and we dip in it the Kiyevkhleb TM oatmeal cookies (quickly that did not absorb in itself a lot of liquid). We stack the soaked cookies in the form covered with food wrap.

5. We cover the first layer from cookies with a part of our sour cream.

6. We spread the second layer of cookies, we put on it berry and we cover with cream.

7. If there were cookies, it is possible to create the third layer from it, in whole or in part. We cover top of cake with cream and we strew with walnuts.

Cake has to infuse at the room temperature (4 hours) and in the refrigerator (not less than 5 hours). Enjoy your meal! we Will remind

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