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By order of Lutsenko Pshonki's chapel in GPU was sorted on fragments - "Schemes"

The chapel in the Prosecutor General's Office of Ukraine constructed at the time of the management of department of Victor Pshonki was sorted on fragments and distributed to temples of Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Moscow patriarchy.

report about it "Schemes".

according to the representative of the State Office of Public Prosecutor Andrey Lysenko, dismantled a chapel according to the decision of the head of department Yury Lutsenko. Now in rooms of the former prayful room the staff of GPU works. the Chapel which belongs to Ukrainian Orthodox Church (Moscow Patriarchate) since 2014 till present the chapel did not find

on balance of department.

"The decision on that all rooms which are occupied by GPU were as a part of structural divisions was made. And divisions have to occupy these rooms. Therefore the decision on removal of a chapel, so-called, out of limits of GPU was made. On this place, that is in those rooms where it was placed earlier, the Department of international legal cooperation of GPU works now", - Lysenko told.

sorted the chapel on fragments and took out to different temples - capital priests confirmed to journalists.

"Came the new power, and called the Metropolitanate Kiev, and told what should be removed and that it was not here. And we and made. The metropolitanate gave a task to the lord, he went, there all sorted, all distributed, gave an iconostasis to one convent, poor, icons distributed on monasteries too", - the archdeacon Platon from Vvedensky Monastery reported.

For the first time showed a chapel of the ex-Prosecutor General Victor Pshonki in the 2014th year - the head of the State Office of Public Prosecutor of that time Vitaly Yarema granted permission to journalists of the Schemes program for shooting directly at a press conference.

the Room on the 9th floor of the building was completely equipped under the prayful room. During the stay there journalists met the employee of the State Office of Public Prosecutor which confirmed that prosecutors visit this chapel.




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