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Business of "Klimenko's tax specialists" and to what here Gladkovsky

Nearly the most expensive special operation for all history of independence during which nearly 400 searches in 15 areas of Ukraine were at the same time carried out. So pathosly on May 24, 2017 law enforcement authorities within case of tax platforms of the ex-minister of income and gatherings of Alexander Klimenko detained the acting and former tax specialists. On March 13, 2019 this production is transferred to Pechersk Court.

About the prospects of criminal proceedings in court and as journalistic investigation of large-scale abuses in Ukroboronprom can influence its consideration, learned the journalist 24 channels. The Hollywood special operation Special operation was remembered in detention of tax specialists to many Ukrainians. Generally - because reminded the Hollywood action: 1700 police officers and 500 military prosecutors who at the same time carried out more than 400 searches in 15 areas of Ukraine were involved in it. Then by helicopters brought 23 former heads of regional divisions of the Public fiscal service to Pechersk Court of Kiev. They were suspected that through the criminal scheme in which they were involved Yanukovych's family did not pay 96 billion hryvnias to the budget.

This special operation cost to the budget more than 300 thousand hryvnias. In court the suspect elected a measure of restraint at once. From an easy hand of journalists of implementation christened "business of tax specialists of Klimenko" (by analogy with a surname of the head of the Ministry of income and collecting times Yanukovych - Aleksandra Klimenko). how detained "Klimenko's tax specialists" you watch


of Tax specialists was accused of assistance to "washing" of means for Yanukovych's
family of
Later law enforcement authorities told that within production they arrested gold, country houses, millions of cash, the yacht, ancient pictures, elite cars.

However, in a year began to forget about this business, and released suspects from under guards. Someone left on the security, and someone was released because of the arrest expiration. In search of judges on March 13, 2019 law enforcement authorities loudly announced transfer of the indictment in Pechersk district court of the city of Kiev. Even the photo of all materials on the page on Facebook was published by the Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko. He told that these criminal proceedings consist of more than 1200 volumes, is transferred to Pechersk district court. However, experts do not believe that in this case there will be fast sentences. Such productions are considered by board of judges from three representatives of Themis. And by the principles of criminal proceedings if the judge was involved in pre-judicial investigation, then he has no right to consider case in judicial proceedings. In Pechersk Court almost all investigative judges considered these cases.

Most of investigative judges were already involved in pre-judicial investigation therefore it will be difficult to create board of judges who were not acquainted with production earlier. That is did not consider the petition for measures of restraint or extension of pledges by the suspect. Possibly, this case will be submitted to Court of Appeal



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